Hyperloop capsule train

According to hvg.hu, 32 metres and 5 tonnes are the measurements of the structure, which was dreamt of by Elon Musk, to run as the high-speed Hyperloop train, and which was shown to the public a few days ago.

It has been almost two years since Hyperloop Transportation Technologies surprised everyone by announcing that Elon Musk’s Hyperloop train would be built in Central-Europe. It is probably a much bigger surprise that Hungary is also part of the project, which leads to the establishment of the sci-fi train on the Bratislava-Vienna-Budapest line.

Since then, less could be heard about the project, but it does not mean, that experts are not working constantly in the background. In the spring of 2017, even photos were shown about the construction process of the train’s passenger capsules.

There has been another big milestone reached in the project recently, because they presented the first, full-sized capsule, which will take passengers with the speed of 1200 km/hour.

Bloomberg stated that after the presentation the capsule started its journey to Toulouse, where the Hyperloop’s test track is being constructed. According to experts, by 2019 the train will be able to take the first passengers.

The structure named HypreloopTT Quintero One is 32 metres long and weighs 5 tonnes. It was built out of vibranium, which is a composite material made by the company.

Experts state that this material, which borrowed its name from the Marvel Universe, is eight times stronger than aluminium, and ten times harder than steel.

The smaller-scale model used for testing is only able to run with a 450 km/hour speed, which is the quarter of the original purpose. Of course, a Hungarian resident, who is used to travel with the Hungarian State Railways, would say about this high-speed train, as a Szekler man from Transylvania would about a giraffe: “It’s an animal, which does not exist.”

Translated by Gergely Kolba

Featured image: www.facebook.com/HyperloopTransportationTechnologies

Source: https://hvg.hu/

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