According to, Nyugati Railway Station will temporarily close from June 22 to July 5 midnight. There will be maintenance and refurbishment works on tracks, on switches, the interlocking managing the traffic, the overhead line network, the passenger platforms and station buildings which have become urgent, but it isn’t possible the do it by train traffic – MAV (Hungarian railway company) wrote.

MAV-START introduces a temporarily timetable in order to enable the passengers to easily reach their destinations in Budapest. Several trains will be redirected to other stations in Budapest by the railway company.

The “circle” InterCity (IC) trains, which are operating on the Budapest-Debrecen-Nyiregyhaza and Budapest-Miskolc-Nyiregyhaza lines, and the Zahony IC trains are operating until the Zuglo stop, and they start from there as well. The Budapest-Nyugati-Zahony trains depart from Kobanya-Kispest and also arrive there.

The timetables of Budapest-Nyugati-Vac-Szob and Budapest-Nyugati-Cegled-Szolnok trains will be merged: the zone trains will operate on the Szob-Vac-Rakospalota-Ujpest-Zuglo-Cegled line, the local trains will operate on Vac-Rakosrendezo-Zuglo-Monor line. There will be trains which go from the Dunkanyar until Rakospalota-Ujpest, from Cegled until Zuglo stop. The Budapest-Nyugati-Veresegyhaz-Vac  trains’ temporarily terminus will be the Rakosplaota-Ujpest station, said.

The Szeged IC-s will arrive in Kelenfold, instead of Nyugati, and they also start from there,  by touching Kobanya-Kispest. The Kobanya-Kispest-Szekesfehervar G43 trains only operate between Kelenfold and Gardony. The S36 trains will be operating between Kobanya-Kispest and Tarnok. On the Budapest-Lajosmizse line, because of track renovation, buses will transport the passengers between Kobanya-Kispest and Ocsa from June 22 until August 19.

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