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Daily News Hungary

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s revolutionaries in 1956 believed that an oppressive state or “sheer Soviet force” cannot destroy the nation’s craving for freedom, the opposition Socialist Party said in a statement on Friday, the anniversary of the uprising.

In 2015, once again, Hungary has leaders that “seek to control the people through a combination of deceit, intimidation, and sheer force”, said the statement signed by Agnes Kunhalmi, head of the Socialist Party’s Budapest chapter.

The incumbent government is “selling off” the country; they have indebted Hungary through an “obscure” loan agreement with Russia and plans for a “redundant” upgrade to Hungary’s Paks nuclear plant, the statement said.

According to the document, however, “oppression” cannot last in the long term; “this is no longer a world in which some corrupt politicians could captivate a country”. “Hungary’s craving for freedom is stronger than any government will ever be.”

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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  1. @Agnes Kunhalmi

    Seems like the “sheer Soviet force” as you describe is no different than the current “Socialist Party” your a part of when it comes to deceit, intimidation, and sheer ignorance.
    Your statement should read, “Hungary’s craving for freedom is stronger than any SOCIALIST government will ever be.” You have your parties all mixed up…

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