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Romania’s Hungarian minority in Transylvania needs a “new kind of Transylvanism”, based on their alliance with both the Romanian and Hungarian governments, against the “globalist mainstream”, Zsolt Németh, head of the foreign affairs committee of the Hungarian parliament, said in Targu Mures (Marosvásárhely) on Saturday.

Speaking at a congress of deputies at the Transylvanian Hungarian People’s Party (EMNP), Németh said that nation states and national regions must cooperate in order to preserve their national identity.

“If Transylvania wants to survive it must organise and maintain these alliances… we must make all parties interested in the success of Transylvania,” he added.

Hungary is stable and its international weight is growing, and Hungarian communities can “rely on it as a strong mother country”, Németh said.

Németh voiced support for ethnic Hungarian organisations such as EMNP and the Szekler National Council (SZNT), which “have promoted the cause of ethnic Hungarians’ survival and self-determination for decades”.

EMNP head Istvan Csomortanyi said that his party was “united and prepared” for the upcoming Romanian municipal elections. He voiced regret, however, that ethnic Hungarian party RMDSZ had declined EMNP’s proposal to set up a coalition in preparation for Romania’s presidential election and the mayoral election in Targu Mures.

Source: MTI

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