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The oldest gas station in Hungary closed

The oldest gas station in Hungary closed

The oldest gas station in Hungary owned by Tasziló Landthaller closed because of a family tragedy, as reported. The elderly owner was hoping that his son will take over the business, but he died recently. The gas station at the entrance of Budafok was built by Landthaller’s father in 1936.

It was an excellent move to establish a gas station in the neighborhood, it became very popular at the time.

It was a quite large station with four wellheads. It was popular among noble counts like the Széchenyis and the Wenkheims. Even the famous actor Antal Páger used to visit the station. Everyone who was travelling to Lake Balaton encountered Mr. Landthaller’s gas station.

Tasziló Landthaller grew up at the gas station and he took over it after the death of his father. He managed to avoid socialization in the communist era, and he took the whole unit back in 1993. He was planning to pass the business on to his son, Tasziló Jr, who was working at the station for three years, but he was assaulted by armed robbers right before closing time.


He was traumatized by the experience and got sick. He was complaining about some pain in his legs one morning in April and was taken to hospital. He was diagnosed with thrombosis in both his legs. He soon died of the disease.

Mr. Landthaller and his wife were shocked by the death of their only son.

First, they stopped the operation of the gas station for a month. Then the owner decided to close it permanently.

He told that he was too old to continue. He has spinal hernia so he uses a stick for walking and he is in great pain. He could not manage the business anymore.

He sworn at his father’s grave that he will never let this gas station go. He is often approached with offers for hiring or purchasing the gas station. Still, he sticks to his oath of not giving it to anyone.

The family’s gas station was worth 8,000-10,000 euros when it was purchased back in 1993. According to Mr. Landthaller’s evaluation, it might be worth ten times more now. That is one of the reasons he does not want to sell it.


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