Luxury and lifestyle magazine Condé Nast Traveler has just revealed its list of the most beautiful restaurants in the world in 2018. Unfortunately, there is no Central-European restaurant on the list. However, Swedish restaurant Bar Central was featured on the list. Why is it important? Well, the Swedish restaurant has several Hungarian dishes on its menu, reports

Bar Central is a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden. The restaurant is called central because it serves Central-European dishes, including a few Hungarian specialities.


For starters, the restaurant offers 22 months cured ham of the Hungarian Mangalica pig with olive oil and grilled bread.

Bar Central also serves Hungarian’s favourite fast-food: lángos, the famous deep-fried flatbread. On the menu, one can find the classic version of lángos with sour cream and cheese on top, but the restaurant came up with two other varieties to spice the traditional dish up a little. The so-called Getostlángos is lángos with goat cheese, sour cream and honey roasted walnuts on top. The Tryffellángos is lángos with truffle salami, ajvar and gruyère cheese on top.


As a main dish, Bar Central has a meal called Ungaren 205 which is homemade pork sausage spiced with Hungarian pepper with confit potato, cumin pickled red cabbage, Dijon mustard and red wine sauce.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, the main draw at Bar Central is the traditional Pilsner Urquell which is a Czech lager that has been made in a small Czech village since 1842. Pilsner is still only produced in its hometown, so the Swedish restaurant needs to take weekly deliveries straight from Pilsen. By the way, Pilsen is a quite well-known and popular beer among Hungarians too.

Besides the traditional Hungarian meals, the restaurant serves Czech, Austrian and German dishes as well.

Condé Nast Traveler’s list of the most beautiful restaurants in the world:

  • Leo Oyster Bar (San Francisco)
  • El Portalon (Ibiza)
  • Liza (Beirut)
  • Wanda Café (Madrid)
  • Ulu Cliff House (Bali)
  • Vespertine (Los Angeles)
  • Otium (Los Angeles)
  • Butterfly and Shugaa Café (Bangkok)
  • Raw (Taiwan)
  • Capri (Texas)
  • Lost Kitchen (Maine)
  • Lily of the Valley Café (Paris)
  • Marion (Miami)
  • El Moro (Mexico City)
  • Bar Central (Stockholm)
  • Woodstockholm (Stockholm)



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