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Opposition DK, Jobbik to take steps over alleged government graft

Opposition DK, Jobbik to take steps over alleged government graft

The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) and Jobbik parties will take steps concerning corruption allegations involving the prime minister, businessmen linked to him and the heads of leading Hungarian companies, the parties said on Wednesday.

Leftist DK will file a criminal complaint in connection with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s trips to attend soccer matches abroad including World Cup 2018 events in Russia on board a private plane owned by businessman István Garancsi, a DK spokesman told a press conference.

Garancsi is the owner of the Mol-Vidi soccer club, sponsored by Hungarian oil and gas company Mol, Sándor Rónai said.

The party will also file a criminal complaint in connection with another case in which according to press reports the CEO of state-owned railway company MÁV and the owner of the Duna Aszfalt construction company spent their vacation on a luxury yacht at the Adriatic Sea, he added.

Duna Aszfalt has won several road construction tenders called by the state, Rónai said, adding that the owner of the yacht is Lőrinc Mészáros, a businessman linked to the prime minister.

Conservative Jobbik said it would soon draft a proposal on setting stricter rules on “gifts” politicians can accept.

The motion will aim to eradicate the opportunity for companies bidding in state tenders to offer politicians a gift, the party’s deputy group leader told a press conference.

“A politician may accept such a gift as a private person, but would then decide in the capacity of an official on awarding a state contract to the company in question,” György Szilágyi said.

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