Tisza River Pollution Environment Waste
Image still from ‘Tisza nevében’ on Youtube

If it is left up to the government, Hungary will be overrun by waste from other countries, the group leader of opposition LMP said on Wednesday.

Addressing an online press conference in the town of Tamási, in western Hungary, László Lóránt Keresztes said several thousand cubic metres of plastic waste from Italy had been dumped in the area, some 200 metres from the closest residential area.

Though a Budapest-based company has been given a permit to process the waste, there is as yet no sign that it was being processed, Keresztes said, adding that the company was not even connected to the public utility grids and had not observed basic fire safety regulations.

Keresztes blamed the “flawed legal environment”

and procedures for the company in question being given the permit to process the waste. After the opposition’s victory in next year’s election, the new government will have to review the relevant laws and new ones that apply stricter punishments in such cases, he said.

Attila Tóth of the Democratic Coalition criticised the Tamási local council for its silence

on the issue and called for immediate steps to remove the waste.

Source: MTI

  1. Only foreign waste is from The Open Borders Foundation of Soro’s. Get rid of him and the problem is solved.

  2. Package it and send it from where it came. The shipping of garbage across borders and by way of waterways has to be brought to the attention of the world governing bodies or the EU. Huge fines and penalties have to be brought on the offending nation.

  3. Not very neighborly to refer to the immigrants as “foreign waste” although, given the type of economic migrants galloping thru Europe, who can be blamed? Lol.

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