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Budapest, 2018. július 5. Rendõrök a Várkert rakparton az Erzsébet hídnál talált világháborús robbanótest kiemelése elõtt 2018. július 5-én. Az I., az V. és a XI. kerületben több rakpartot, útszakaszt és épületet kiürítenek. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

Increasing the personnel of Hungary’s military and law enforcement organisations and raising wages in the sector cannot be delayed, Márta Demeter, MP of the opposition LMP party, told a press conference on Saturday.

Demeter pointed to a “huge” number of vacant positions due to low wages, and also said that many people take up employment but will soon change jobs, while the remaining employees will work extra hours and suffer from an increased workload.

Demeter said that wages for military personnel and law enforcement staff were calculated on a basis of 38,650 forints a month (EUR 119), unchanged since 2008, and proposed that the basic amount should be increased to 60,000 forints.

Ruling Fidesz responded as saying that LMP had been one of the opposition parties that refused to support an increase in central defence spending in previous years.

The personnel of military and law enforcement organisations had significantly increased since 2010 and their wages had been raised by 50 percent on average between 2016-2019, the party said, and called on LMP to support next year’s budget draft allowing a 5 percent wage hike.

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