Tusnádfürdõ, 2017. július 22. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök elõadása elõtt a 28. Bálványosi Nyári Szabadegyetem és Diáktáborban (Tusványos) az erdélyi Tusnádfürdõn 2017. július 22-én. MTI Fotó: Veres Nándor

At next year’s parliamentary election Hungarian voters will chose “between Viktor Orbán or Europe”, Lászlo Botka, prime minister candidate of the opposition Socialist Party, said on Saturday.

Commenting a speech Prime Minister Viktor Orbán made at the “Tusványos” summer university in Baile Tusnad (Tusnádfürdő), in central Romania, earlier in the day, Botka said that people next year will also vote for “an unjust Hungary lagging behind” or for a future “built on equality and justice”. Botka insisted that Orbán was trying to fuel Hungarians against Europe, and was using the Visegrád countries “as an instrument”.

Botka called emigration the largest problem Hungary was facing and said it would escalate to be “the largest exodus” in Hungarian history unless the current economy policy “favouring only the rich” is dropped.

Radical nationalist Jobbik leader Gábor Vona said Orbán had proved again that he can only provide the image of an enemy instead of decent wages and pensions, modern health care or education for the public.

“Hungarians are fed up with incessant warfare, the arrogance of power-holders and corruption,” he said.

Orbán “is fighting with his own demons” and worried about his power rather than the fate of the country, Vona said, adding that instead of following “Orbán’s obsessions”, Hungary should “step on the road of sober mind”.

According to the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK), Orbán has “lost any contact with reality” and “got caught up in his own propaganda”. DK deputy leader Tibor Nagy-Huszein told a press conference that Orbán’s speech failed to reveal real problems such as the country’s ailing health care or education, or why salaries were in the lowest range within the EU.

Nagy-Huszein said that Orbán had alluded to possible future alliances which would be in conflict with the EU, and suggested that “Orbán could still be working to lead the country out of the EU”.

Bernadett Szél, co-leader of the green opposition LMP, said that Orbán’s ruling Fidesz is “not Europe’s future but Hungary’s past”, which “a renewed Hungary” will not need after next year’s election.

The Liberal Party said in a statement that Orbán’s “anti-European” policies were detrimental for the country. It is not “migrants, George Soros, Brussels, or NGOS” that pose a danger to Hungary but the government’s “continuous hate-mongering” which jeopardises both Hungary’s EU membership and peace within society, the Liberals said.

Orbán uses the Visegrád countries to weaken Europe rather than promote cooperation and seek joint solutions to the community’s problems, they said.

“In spring 2018 we will have a chance to decide if we want to belong to Europe or Moscow,” the Liberals added.

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  1. Obán Viktor and his government work for the people of Hungary no matter whether they are rich or poor. Through their none stop work, the improvement in Hungary has been tremendous. I can imagine if an idiot like Botka, or Vona got into power, what Orbán Viktor said, this country would drop to where it was prior to 2010, almost on the verge of bankrupsy. As for Botka opening the border fence, he talks garbage. I for one, doubt the people in Hungary would like the country to be over thrown with migrants in their millions. Vona talks of power- holders and corruption, but he and his party do not talk of the extreem power that they are looking for as an extreem radical National Front party ready to burst the country wide open with their stupid lies. And why does the DK think Orbán Viktor wants to take Hungary out of the EU? It is a lie. Orbán Viktor has always said that being a member of the EU is a benefit to Hungary and does not say he wants Hungary out of the EU. As for the LMP, it is not hate mongering what the Fidesz promote when talking about Soros, Brussels and the NGO’s. It is the truth as to what is not just happening in Hungary, but in the whole of Europe and the USA. Soros and his army is trying to crush Europe with a massive influx of Migrants, to bring the economies to rock bottom. He has already stated in the interview that was banned, that “He was not interested in the way the people thought. All he was after was the ability to make money”. He is a liar, a cheat and a distroyer. During the 2nd world war, he sent thousands of Jews to death posing as a Christian, leading the Nazis to their hide aways. He cheated Britain in a financial gamble, ruining their economy and making a billion pounds for himself. He did the same with Asia. He is a Leech and a Parasite, just like the English and the French were during the 1st World War, which led to the loss of 2 thirds of Hungarian land- the Trianon Treaty. Now he is doing the same with Europe with migrants, as he has been doing in America with Obama as his tool boy for the past eight years. Orbán Viktor is trying to hold Hungary together to stop Europe from ruining Hungary and trying to destroy everything Hungary has ever wanted, Freedom, Solidarity, and Peace. Try to save Hungary for the future of it’s people and children. Stand by the best Prime Minister and Leader Hungary has got, to bring you a future life. I am an English man. I have lived in Hungary for nearly eight years. I have been married to a Hungarian lady for the past five years. I think Hungary is the best place on earth. I cannot speak Hungarian at the age of 73, but I would take the honour of taking up Hungarian citizenship if I could. Please, I beseech you, look after your country and it’s people.

  2. Since both the left as well as right criticized Mr. Orban, the reality is that Mr. Orban is right. A tru leader must put its citizens’ welfare first. Things may not be prefect yet but it is not surprising after the socialists ruined the country. Yes it will take time to remedy the situation. No other party deserves to govern Hungary while they do not put Hungary’s interest befor the EU’s.

  3. Martaburka, if everyone in Hungary wrote in the way you have, Hungary would be saved, and be happy, and be contented. I’m proud of you.

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