Salzburg, 2018. szeptember 19. A Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda által közzétett képen az Európai Néppárt tanácskozására érkezõ Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök újságíróknak nyilatkozik az EU csúcstalálkozója elõtt Salzburgban 2018. szeptember 19-én. Jobbra Havasi Bertalan, a Miniszterelnöki Sajtóirodát vezetõ helyettes államtitkár. MTI Fotó: Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Szecsõdi Balázs

Brussels is “going full steam ahead” with its migration schemes, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said in his regular Friday interview to public radio.

Orbán said pro-immigration forces currently in power in Brussels want to push everything through before the May European parliamentary elections, since there would be a majority that rejects pro-immigration policies after the vote.

The European Commission has just published its programme on what to implement urgently, which, he said, was antithetical to all that Hungarians stand for.

“It is about establishing a permanent migrant settlement programme, opening legal migration routes and creating a pilot migration programme with African countries and introducing a humanitarian visa.” He went on to say that it also involved getting NGOs to assess such visas and stripping European Union member states of their border protection responsibilities.

Orbán said, for this reason, there would be a “tough few days” during the upcoming EU summit in Brussels.

The prime minister insisted that at the forefront of the European Parliament’s “pro-migration side” were the Liberals — “the strongest group in terms of its financial and media support” — which, he said, tended “to mess with Hungary”.

Orbán said it was a “significant achievement in recent years” that “a formerly clandestine Soros network has been revealed”, a network which “has not been authorised by anyone to impact the lives of people.”

Concerning the United States, Orbán said that

President Donald Trump’s forces and those of Soros “are fighting a battle over whether to return to the grounds of American national interests or build a globalist government to which nation states would be subordinated”.

He said that Hungary’s opposition also promoted the same idea of global government, but the opposition’s weakness, he added, rendered such endeavours insignificant. The prime minister also insisted that such networks operated as “outsourced secret services” and sought to delegate their agents to “important positions”.

Referring to the Hungarian economy, which he said was performing well, he said: “where there’s money, there are speculators; where there’s flesh, there are flies”. Orbán pledged to “shoo off such speculators as George Soros”.

Referring to the United Nations’ migration pact, Orbán said that “Soros’s international network” sought to use the UN to get migration “accepted as a good thing” so that “Soros and his kind can say that they have international authorisation”.

Meanwhile, referring to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit earlier in the week, Orbán said Hungary “has to gather friends rather than enemies”.

The structure of the Turkish state is an internal affair, Orbán said. He has “always kept Hungary away from the bad western European attitude” of lecturing other states on how to behave, he said. This “trend” was introduced by the US, which in the meantime has also realised that “this does not lead anywhere”, he said.

Turkish policies have a direct bearing on Hungary’s security, Orbán said, noting that Turkey hosts 4 million migrants.

“If the Turks let them, a large number of these people would appear at the Hungarian-Serbian border within days.”

A strong political system and a strong leader in Turkey is in Hungary’s “basic interest”, he said.

Regarding the re-election bid of István Tarlós, Budapest’s mayor running for a third term on a Fidesz ticket, Orbán said that he had asked Tarlós to run again for mayor with the authorisation of the Fidesz-led district mayors. Tarlós had set preconditions for accepting the nomination and secured substantial rights for the city, Orbán said.

On the topic of extra subsidies for people who care for permanently sick family members, the prime minister said:

“We continue to reach out to demographic groups in difficult situations.”

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

  1. I would like to ask if there is any chance to be able to listen to that radio interview with english subtitles, to help non Hungarian people interested in Hungary like me, please. It would be great if the radio website could offer regularly the option to read the translation in English while you hear the original voices in Hungarian, too. Thank you.

  2. From Holland: A firm support for the point of view of Minister LászlóTrócsány and Fidesz.
    The Hungarian Minister of Justice, LászlóTrócsány, continues to proclaim a harsh course of his country against the redistribution of migrants demanded by Western Europeans. Hungary would not want to attract problem migrants into the country. The next EU summit will begin in a week, with the theme of migration and asylum seekers also on the agenda. The Hungarian Mr. Trócsányi confirms in advance the harsh attitude of his government towards the plans of Brussels and the western EU-countries to distribute the migrants among the member states. Our view is that a problem needs to be shared with us here with which we have nothing to do, he to ‘Die Welt’. The vast majority of ‘refugees’ would simply want to go to Western Europe and not to the east. Now we see that Western Europe wants to impose it on us under the guise of solidarity. When an ideology imposes its own view on others, it is spiritual terrorism, according to him. Hungary would not want to be forced to become like the countries of Western Europe. We see what integration problems exist and think: we have a more homogeneous society, and we want to protect it, according to the minister. Keep up, Hungary! Ëljen a Magyar!

  3. I like to add the following on this subject because this effects all of us in Europe! The scandalous inequality in the legal position of men and women in Islam, which was imposed on the Muslim believers in authoritative writings, we categorically reject! There is a lot of suffering for women and girls. In our society this inequality cannot integrate in any way. We will never make concessions to this intention. We are often thrown out by politically-correct that we incite to hatred against Muslims. That is a reproach that makes the board go wrong! Naturally, the Dutch do not hate people. We are naturally very curious about the way other people live and we have developed a strong pull of tolerance over the centuries, compared to many countries around us. We, realists, are not hate mongers, but very alert people. This alertness took shape when we understood what the plans of the monstrous governing body in Brussels meant for the native European populations. When we experienced more and more what that meant, our perception has developed over time. We do not imagine anything. We know what we see and we do not look away, never! That insight into the developments that take place thanks to the policy of politically correct authorities will not be clouded by threatening politically-corrected talk. We see in the EU a power-hungry, overbearing organization that talks about European values, democracy, freedom and tolerance and diversity. I would like to suggest to the EU sympathizers that there are contradictions between what the EU says and what the EU does: The advocates of the EU wet dream speak about the preservation of European values, along with the development of an apparently inescapable, yet necessary diversity (according to the prophet Frans Timmermans, whose name is certainly not praised). But in his infinite self-granted wisdom it escapes this seer that these two concepts are mutually exclusive. In order to make this happen to us, we must ask ourselves what exactly is meant by this diversity. Which elements make the current European identity look different and develop into a ‘beautiful’ form of diversity? Also viewed ideologically? The current European values have developed from a spiritual base, from certain sources of inspiration: Judaism, the Christian view of life and humanism. Under the umbrella of these sources, in this free European climate, almost all existing religious communities that the world knows, settled in all harmony. And nobody experienced any hindrance! We were, for a long time, diverse. With which does Timmermans want to ‘enrich’ us so that we become truly diverse? Are we really going to feel ‘European’? To perfect the European values, the man needs only one ingredient: Islam. The EU means with a Europe that has become diverse a Europe that has become one with Islam. But Timmermans prefers to speak of various things. That is so disguising. The reality is: in the view of the EU, a diverse Europe equals an Islamized Europe. And nothing else! Anyone who raises this theme gets a manure cart full of curses poured over him. This truth can not be brought to light. In the meantime governments are trying to get involved in this ideology in all sorts of ways, and in order to prove their good intentions to their future masters, in EU politics more and more Israel, the greatest enemy who knows Islam, is turning their backs. And in line with what I say above, we also understand the unbelievable preference that the EU has for huge waves of immigration (towards Europe) from people with a certain religious background. There is certainly only a very small amount of flights for your safety. It is not that refugees with other religions are welcome in Europe! The EU knows very well that Islam, by virtue of its character and mission from its Prophet, can not and does not want to be in a subordinate role. So there is no possible combination between European values and the intended diversity. After all, wherever Islam rules, the influence of other faiths always disappears. And so, if the EU gets its way, our continent will completely lose its own character. Thanks to Timmermans et al. And everyone who voted for politically correct parties. When the European values disappear, then all the good that came out of it will be deprived of us successively. We are no longer democracy anymore because democracy is a form of government that starts from interaction between the population of a country and the authorities in that country. Governments are deemed the will of the electorate you to implement it. But which drastic plan of the EU, which has to change our society, has ever been explained exactly to the people? On which aspect of the planning were the residents allowed to give their opinion in referendums? Our participation has been taken away from us, together with expressing our opinion on all this. We live in a dictatorship of presumptuous people who are no longer interested in what the population thinks! That ‘our’ politicians swallow this! Unbelievable that no one calls out from the population: Are you in Brussels, that no politicians can get their hair out of shame about these criminal plans! How can someone quietly allow the people to waste, that the sense of their own home, their own city, their own country will disappear? Europe seems to have sold her soul. Whoever does that has given up control of himself. A people that allows such a thing becomes a plaything of destruction. Apparently, does the EU want to see situations like those in which the abused girls landed in Turkey, powerless to defend themselves because their religion has not provided them with defense? And which dude in Holland wants to create similar situations in which women have fewer rights than men? We can only live a normal life when the nonsensical plan for full diversity comes completely from the table, just like the EU itself. We want a free Europe of independent, friendly states and the preservation of all our European values. Designed in freedom.

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