The United Kingdom will be “not a simple non-EU state”, and should enjoy a special status after its divorce from the bloc as it has common roots and historical, economic and social ties with the European Union, the state secretary for EU affairs of the Prime Minister’s Office said in Brussels on Friday.

Speaking after a ministerial meeting on the legal particularities of Brexit, Szabolcs Takács said that “special solutions” for the UK cannot set a precedent for other member states to curb the free inner market or the implementation of the EU basic freedoms.

The acquired rights of EU citizens in the UK should be preserved after Brexit, he said.

Hungary calls for the “strongest possible cooperation” in defence and economy, as well as security, innovation and cultural affairs, Takács said. Although “it is reasonable to prepare for several scenarios”, the talks should strive for a “good, rational, progressive agreement that is in line with the interests of Hungary,” he said.

Preserving Ireland’s political and economic stability is in the interest of both Hungary and the EU, he said, adding that

strict checks on the inter-Irish border should be avoided.

As we wrote on June, EU citizens will have to answer three simple questions if they want to stay in the country after Brexit. They will have to provide their ID, answer questions about whether they have criminal convictions and whether they live in the UK, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

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