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Berlin, 2018. március 12. Olaf Scholz hamburgi polgármester, a Német Szociáldemokrata Párt (SPD) ügyvezetõ elnöke, Angela Merkel német kancellár, a Kereszténydemokrata Unió (CDU) elnöke és Horst Seehofer bajor tartományi miniszterelnök, a Keresztényszociális Unió (CSU) elnöke (b-j), miután aláírta a kormánykoalíciós megállapodást Berlinben 2018. március 12-én. A parlamenti választást az elõzõ szeptemberben tartották Németországban. (MTI/EPA/Felipe Trueba)

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s prime minister, has congratulated Angela Merkel on her re-election as Germany’s federal chancellor and Horst Seehofer on his appointment to interior minister, the prime minister’s press chief told MTI on Wednesday.

In a letter addressed to Merkel, Orbán said Hungarian-German cooperation had contributed to shaping Europe’s future in a positive way several times.

“In view of Europe’s current situation, we can’t have another goal than to work for restoring the security of the continent, boosting our economies and promoting our citizens’ prosperity on the basis of close inter-governmental cooperation and German-Hungarian friendship,” he said.

Orbán expressed the conviction that both Germany and the Visegrád Four would promote the stability and development of Europe in the decade to come. Accordingly, a summit meeting during Hungary’s V4 presidency would offer a good opportunity for the discussion of a common future, he said.

In a letter addressed to Germany’s new interior minister, Orbán noted that during Seehofer’s term as Bavaria’s minister-president Hungary and that German land had further strengthened their cooperation looking back to a thousand years.

“It is my great pleasure that we will be able to cooperate with you as member of the Berlin federal government in resolving the challenges faced by out continent, on the basis of our common Christian and civic values,” Orbán said.

Featured image: MTI/EPA

Source: MTI

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