The interior minister ordered border closure along the Hungarian-Serbian and the Hungarian-Croat green border. In addition to soldiers, several stand-by policemen were have been deployed in the sections concerned, and many of them protect the Hungarian border in inhumane and shameful conditions in many cases, wrote.

The website found these photos on Facebook. They were uploaded on October 23, since then they have been shared more than 200 times. The uploader wrote: “Our government respects these border-protecting policemen this way. But TEK (Counter Terrorism Center) is located in a luxury hotel!!!!!!”

In the photos, the stand-by policemen built huts because of the rain in the mud and they lit fire because they were cold. Next to the flames, they were cooking potatoes and dried their soaked socks. One of the comments says: “what the commander of these policemen is like and where is the police union?”


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Photos: Miklos Verseny Facebook page


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  1. Come on Fidesz!
    Where’s the 100 Million EUROs for border protection. These guys are cops, not army… Get them, heated tents, power generation, night vision, remote camera sensing equipment, powerful ATVs, food service, clothes service, top communications. Get the message out now that these guys are equipped, not a rogue band of gypsies!

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