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Orbán’s advisor: Migration massive, organised, aggressive and illegal

Orbán’s advisor: Migration massive, organised, aggressive and illegal

Budapest, August 7 (MTI) – The ongoing migration wave is “massive, organised, aggressive and illegal”, the prime minister’s chief domestic security advisor said on Sunday.

Europe is exposed to complex political and security threats which should be addressed with resolute measures, György Bakondi told public Kossuth Radio.

The European Union’s institutions, however, seem to be weak and fail to apply force. In addition, several decision makers are supporting rather than hindering migration, he said.

The recent acts of terrorism generated fear and uncertainty in the public and thus had harmful social, political and economic impacts, the advisor said.

Illegal migration seems to be organised by the Islamic State terrorist organisation, which declared war on Europe and seeks to undermine the European Union, Bakondi said, adding that a growing number of nation-states had realised the need to fight against terrorism.


Since Hungary introduced a new border regime a month ago, nearly 4,900 migrants have tried to cross the border illegally. Over 3,100 attempts were thwarted and 1,800 illegal entrants were stopped within eight kilometres of the border, escorted back to it and offered an opportunity to apply for asylum at a transit zone, Bakondi said.

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Source: MTI

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  1. Anonymous

    It’s not only Isis but the E.U. organizing this mass migration. The E.U. Leaders like Junker and Merkel should be held accountable for the deaths of migrants and the empowerment of the smugglers.

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