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The public opinion tide in Europe is turning and people on the continent “are fed up” with Brussels’s pro-migration policy, the government spokesman told public news channel M1 late on Monday.

Migration has become a matter of European democracy; the issue has created a rift between the left wing elite that upholds its “utopian” pro-migration ideology and ordinary citizens who have opposite interests, Zoltán Kovács told the broadcaster.

A solution to the problem of migration must be found outside Europe, he said, adding that economic migrants must be returned to their home countries.

Concerning Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s talks with Matteo Salvini, Italy’s deputy prime minister and leader of the League Party later in the day in Milan, Kovács said the two politicians would share their governments’ experience in tackling migration.

Hungary and Italy agree that illegal migrants must be sent back to their home countries, Kovács said, noting that over 90 percent of migrants staying in Italy had entered that country illegally.

Policies encouraging migration go nowhere, the spokesman said, stressing that illegal migration must be stopped.

Source: MTI

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