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The European Frontex border agency is being beefed up and its staff are helping countries guard their borders, György Bakondi, the Prime Minister’s security adviser told public television in an interview on Wednesday.

Bakondi noted that once the Regulation on the European Border and Coast Guard is enforced with the aim of better protecting the EU’s external borders, Frontex will be enlarged over several years to 10,000 personnel.

He underlined

Hungary’s standpoint on migration in terms of its rejection of mandatory quotas for relocating migrants, securing the EU’s external borders and deporting people who are in Europe illegally.

Bakondi said the Italian government had broken its election promises and had withdrawn strict measures enacted by Matteo Salvini, the former deputy PM and interior minister, and ships carrying African migrants were arriving non-stop.

In a later interview to public radio, he said

the pressure of migration on the Hungary-Croatia and Hungary-Romania borders had grown significantly, with hundreds on their way to those borders.

Also, attempts are being made to cross from Ukraine, he added.

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