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According to the developing story, an 11-year-old girl was a victim of sexual abuse by two well-known water polo players. The girl’s parents reported the case to the police who have now started an investigation – reports index.hu.

Various sources claim that the perpetrators are water polo players, one of them an Olympics champion while the other a family man. The incident took place in a sports club, in a town near Budapest.

The girl, now 13, was sexually abused by her own trainer and another water polo player. She is scheduled to go under examinations by a psychologist as well as a gynaecologist next week.

The police’s reply to inquiries was that the Pest County Police Department is responsible for the case and they are the ones investigating the circumstances. The perpetrators are accused of committing sexual abuse against a minor, but no other details have been revealed so far.

The girl kept what had happened to her in secret for years, in part out of the shame so commonly felt by victims – it is important to note that 1 in 5 women in Hungary is a victim of violence against women. Some of her teammates also encouraged her to keep it to herself,

however, she could not take it any longer and wrote down everything that was committed against her in a hand-written letter to an acquaintance.

She detailed the locations, circumstances and sexual acts that she had to suffer through. It was her family that reported the case, with this letter attached.

The police promised to prioritise the case and take investigative actions within the next few days.

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Source: index.hu

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