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The incident took place in Szolnok, where, after buying the property at an auction, the new owner found a mummified body in the apartment – reports szoljon.hu.

The auction rules state that only those apartments can be visited that are inhabited, the ones uninhabited cannot, so they might hold some unpleasant surprises for the owners. Such thing happened on Tuesday when the owners found a mummified body upon arrival into their new home. The following in szoljon.hu’s recollection of the scene.

According to the author, the authorities were busy examining the scene, when a postman arrived to deliver a bill to the owner. The police informed him that he’s been delivering letters and bills in vain, as the owner has been dead for years now. There was an accumulation of letters in the apartment.
The neighbours told the newsagents that the body was found in the living room, lying on the couch. The police are not sure who the deceased is as of yet, but they assume that it’s the previous owner, who was a man about fifty years old, having moved there 8-10 years ago. The neighbours barely saw him, running into the man a couple times after his moving in, but not much afterwards.

Passersby were curious about what took place there, upon seeing the police and the coroners, but their curiosity soon turned into shock. Although, one woman, who lives a couple houses down did not seem surprised at all: on more than one occasion was a person living alone found dead in her street, but the body was discovered two weeks later.

Ágnes Kovács, the county police department’s press officer, told szoljon.hu that the police are investigating the circumstances of the death.

Since the exact circumstances of the auction are unknown, with the goals of finding who’s responsible here, one has to look at the auction announcement. There are two important things to take into consideration: the apartment was advertised as inhabited, which complicates the auctioneer’s situation, as they got the place being aware of this; the other one is that the executor advertised it as uninhabited, which shifts responsibility to them, as they should have made sure the old tenants move out during the process of the auctioning. There is, however, the third option: the occupant moved in without an owner’s title.

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Source: szoljon.hu

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