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Parliament adopted on Tuesday a resolution proposed by ruling Fidesz rejecting the European Parliament’s November 16 decision on mandatory quotas on the resettlement of asylum seekers.

The resolution was adopted with 142 votes in favour and 3 against. The Socialists, the leftist Democratic Coalition and green LMP did not vote.

Fidesz deputy head Szilárd Németh told a press conference after the vote that it had made it clear that “the entire left wing has lined up behind the Soros plan”.

Jobbik “denies the existence of the Soros plan one day and admits it the next”, Németh said, “which is what happened in the vote”.

The vote showed clearly who supports the “Soros plan” and who defends Hungary’s interests and the country’s sovereignty, Németh insisted.

The patrotic people’s Jobbik party said that it supported “95 percent of the resolution” but also added that it saw “no written proof that the European Parliament is implementing that plan”. Speaking at a press conference, Jobbik deputy group leader Gábor Staudt argued that “from person A agreeing with person B does not follow that one should be acting on instructions by the other.”

Staudt also said that “while the ruling parties tried to make (the public) believe that the whole of the opposition was committedly pro-migration,” Jobbik supported the resolution in parliament.

Source: MTI

  1. EU parliamentarians want you to spend your holiday in your own country
    Spending a holiday in your own country, not the first choice for everyone, because where can you walk around the streets in your own country like in the many places along the Spanish Costa’s. And where can you meet other cultures within our dykes? The EU now has a solution for this. In 2005, a rule issued for all EU member states came into force, which stated that if you pass an EU border, you can bring a maximum of € 10,000 in cash without having to declare it. Now it will be difficult in the Netherlands to convince the nice lady behind the bankcounter that you need € 10,000 of your own money, because it could be an unusual transaction and when asking for ‘so much’ money, in some branches the alarm sirens are roaring, the shutters closed and a police force arrives to arrest you. After all, you could be a terrorist who wants to buy ‘fireworks’ for so much money.
    And that is what the EU proposal is about now. Mrs Mary Delvaux from Luxembourg and Mr Fernando Lopez Aquila from Spain, both members of the EU and belonging to the Socialist party, have drafted a proposal on which the EU Parliament is now going to bend, which means that the € 10,000 limit must be drastically reduced, preferably below the limit of € 5,000. As a result, money laundering is prevented and ISIS terrorists will be bothered to commit their wrongdoing, because despite the fact that Allah performs miracles, without money even the best-trained ISIS supporter cannot make any attacks. Now the attention of the reader will not be diverted to other items, so that even when there was a limit of € 10,000 in 2005, the beardmen quietly continued to commit attacks in Paris, Brussels, London, doing their necessary shopping to make the EU proposal to be worthless, as were most of the following, such as the acception of fortune seekers (parasites) and the distribution thereof.
    That has to change now, because clever Mary and Fernando also want to include traveler- checks, gold, jewelry, in short anything of any value that could be traded after crossing a border can be confiscated. Even the four gold Rolex watches on each arm normally carried by the ISIS terrorist will be seized by inexorable customs officers. And that expensive Ferrari, the standard means of transport for every terrorist, you never know, they can take it to the local car market, so let it stand! In short: what the EU Parliament wants is that you simply spend your vacations in your own country, which brings the socialist dream closer, as the people of the GDR could experience, holidays on the Baltic Sea and those who had an exceptional service for the party, the socialist, that speaks of itself, a trip to neighboring Genossen who also lives in a laborer’s paradise. Finally a clear Europe.
    But the plan does have something. Just cozy with the whole family the walking shoes, no camp beds misery at Schiphol Airport, no traffic jams on the Autoroute, just walking or if necessary cycling to explore your own country and experience the diversity of the now present fugitives up close. Entering a village or walking are not bothered by sticky so-called guides that want you to get acquainted with their foreign cultures, no, in Amsterdam just a little Istanbul in or Rotterdam visit the bazaar of Rabat and in the countryside get acquainted with the customs of Eritrea or Somalia. Simply being scoled or spitted in your own country, an experience that you no longer will experience in Morocco or Turkey.
    The Dutch COA (Center for Asylum Seekers, the ‘service’ of the Ministry of Security and Justice is already working on it. The small handy guide ‘Discovering foreign cultures in your own country’ lies with the printer and you can set out a trip of 25, 50 or even 150 kilometers along AZC’s, is ready to be printed so that you get a general impression of what beauty is now look like. For those who are more attracted to another culture there is a chapter where you can see on a map of the Netherlands where the largest concentrations of Syrians, Nigerians, Eritreans, Afghans or Somalis are located, so you can expand your knowledge and you can see by yourself in their culture and you know how to adapt to them. Even some simple sentences in the various languages are in the booklet. ‘Hello, how do you like it here, have you already found the way to social services or do I have to help you? Problems with the PIN machine? Come on, but I’ll help you. No my daughter is not married yet, but she falls on Frisians so sorry for you’. And after all: Many thanks to Soros and his ‘friends’!

  2. Hungary, don’t worry. Hereunder the latest developments in Brussels where very honest and correct people have the highest positions.
    Justice Luxembourg takes Juncker under scrutiny after draining scandal. There seems to be a juicy scandal around Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission. The judge in his home country of Luxembourg started a criminal investigation last week about him and his former officials. The reason is the accusation that Juncker would have tampered with evidence, the British newspaper The Times reports on 13.12.2017.
    Employees Juncker provided incomplete information to the court. This is the period in which Juncker was Prime Minister of Luxembourg. Juncker employees would have deliberately provided incomplete information to the court at that time. The Luxembourg judge Eric Shammo directs the criminal inves-tigation into the matter. Jean-Claude Juncker is perhaps the fairest politician in Europe. He tells us how he wants to turn the EU into a super state and how he lies and puts democracy out of order to achieve this.
    Juncker was Prime Minister of Luxembourg from 1995 to 2013. He was forced to resign when he lost the support of his coalition partners after he failed to keep his secret service under control. The main reason for his resignation was a parliamentary inquiry in 2012. It emerged that the Luxembourg security services were illegally listening to citizens and politicians. Juncker has been President of the European Commission since November 2014.
    Ex-head security service speaks of forgery of evidence. Junckers employees would have provided an incomplete transcription of telephone conversations. Thus a possible role for Juncker in the illegal interception by the secret services would be concealed. These are secretly recorded calls from 2007 between Juncker – then Prime Minister – and Marco Mille, the then head of the Luxembourg security service SREL. Deletions would have been deleted from those discussions. As a prime minister Juncker could have given permission for the eavesdropping. Juncker denies ever having done that. Mille goes for illegal tapping and claims that there is evidence of forgery by Juncker and his staff. He speaks of ‘scandalous manipulation’ of evidence. We do not know who has the fake on his conscience, but it is not unimportant to wonder who has benefited, says Mille. A scheduled session of November 21, 2017 was suspended because Juncker indicated that he could not be present for a testimony. That met with strong criticism from Mille who said: You would think Juncker takes this seriously. After all, it is a subject that forced him to resign and to issue early elections in 2013. He added, I am sure that if Juncker has time to talk with students about the future of Europe, as he did in October 2017, he could have found 2 hours to appear in court. A Juncker spokesperson said at the time that Juncker was ‘very sympathetic’ to making a statement but that he, as president of the European Commission, is very busy.
    As a personal matter of fact I am very pleased to see a judge taking action against ‘high-ranking’ people and also glad because Soros/Schwartz has lost a friend of importancy!

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