Lawmakers will start debating the 2019 budget bill next week in the upcoming five-day session of parliament which will also include a debate on the cabinet’s proposed tax changes.

Parliament’s session will begin on Monday afternoon with a tribute to the recently deceased former Hungarian Democratic Forum lawmaker Sándor Komor and will be followed by speeches prior to the agenda. Members of the government will then field questions from lawmakers.

On Tuesday, parliament will debate six government-initiated bills, including one on the control of foreign investments that pose risk to Hungary’s security interests and the finance minister’s proposed cuts to the social contribution tax.

The last item on Tuesday’s agenda will be the cabinet’s proposed tax changes.

Lawmakers will debate the 2019 draft budget on Wednesday. Group leaders will get 30 minutes each to present their views on the bill. Government representatives will present their arguments on Friday.

Parliament will close out the week with a debate on amendments required for the passage of the 2019 budget.

Source: MTI

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