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According to hirado.hu, tax inspectors are working more effectively thanks to the electronic public road trade control system (ekáer). Many entrepreneurs don’t know about all the regulations, says István Falcsik, head of the RSM Hungary Tax and Financial Advisory Services.

The ekáer system can be used as the basis for excise inspection and a fine, since the incoming data reveals those tax payers who transport excisable goods but do not have an excise license. The incoming data can be used to create sets from the goods registered for transport, the entrepreneurs, and the excise subjects registered in the database of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV). If excisable goods are registered in the ekáer and the entrepreneur is not listed among the excise subjects, that is, they have no license, they will be found out.

The excise duty regulation applies to even the smallest amounts of goods. However many entrepreneurs do not know that the imported oil products, which are used in their everyday operation, are an excisable product, just like the chemicals used to sanitise equipment and rooms.

The regulations are moving towards practices which allow entrepreneurs to correct their mistake if they admit to it. However, this is useless if entrepreneurs do not take the time to occasionally review their operation in terms of these regulations, says the expert.

Source: hirado.hu

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