Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s government is committed to taking firm action against all forms of anti-Semitism and will not tolerate discrimination based on worldview or religion, the PM’s office said on Thursday.

In a statement marking the Jewish festival of Hanukkah, the Prime Minister’s Office said Csaba Latorcai, cabinet deputy state secretary for social relations, attended a Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony in Budapest where he urged mutual understanding and an acceptance of differences in others.

Europe’s survival and strengthening stems from its faith rooted in its Judeo-Christian traditions and honest dialogue, Latorcai, who attended the ceremony at the invitation of the Unified Hungarian Israelite Congregation, was quoted as saying.

In contrast to the rise in expressions of anti-Semitism throughout Europe, Hungary provides safety to its Jewish community, the Prime Minister’s Office said. Members of Hungary’s Jewish community can freely express their religious affiliation, faith, cultural identity and celebrate their holidays, the statement added.

Source: MTI

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