Donald Trump & Viktor Orbán

Robert Menendez, a Democratic member of the US Senate’s foreign policy committee, assembled a report about  the foreign policy of the Trump administration. The document describes the President’s work as chaotic and writes a lot about his relationship with Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán.

According to hvg, if Joe Biden wins, Menendez will be the chairman of the foreign policy cabinet of the Senate, so he will have a significant influence on the foreign policy of the USA. Importantly, he speaks about Trump’s good relationship with PM Viktor Orbán as a severe mistake. He added that Mr Orbán reduced the Hungarian democracy and exposed not only his country to the Russian influence but also NATO and the European Union. 

Mr Menendez mentioned Russian President Vladimir Putin, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and North-Korean leader Kim Jong-un, together with PM Orbán, as authoritarian leaders who President Trump should not have a good relationship with. 

He says that Hungary has turned back from the way of democracy since 2010. That is why

the Obama-administration distanced itself from the Hungarian government

and tried to protect the freedom of the press and help the independent media and civil organisations. In contrast, the Trump-administration misunderstood the problems with Hungary and accepted the Orbán-regime, saying that it was the only way to keep Hungary away from Russian and Chinese influence. However, they failed in that mission since Russian capital is in Hungary, the Hungarian intelligence services cooperate with Moscow, the ties in energetics are strong, and the Russia-led International Investment Bank is in Budapest. In the report,

he found that trend dangerous for NATO and the European Union as well.

Mr Menendez added that despite the American request, Hungary extradited two Russian arms dealers to Moscow where they escaped punishment. They wrote about China as well, saying that both the joint railway project (Budapest-Belgrade) and the headquarter of Huawei near Budapest are dangerous.

Mr Menendez added the report of the Freedom House about the reduction of Hungarian democracy, the state of the Hungarian media, science and higher education, civil organisations, migration, and economy where the government’s pressure is significant.

Menendez said that before Trump met Mr Orbán, he warned the President about the above-mentioned problems, but he replied that “Orbán is a good guy”, and Hungary will buy a lot of American weapons. That is true. The Hungarian military will buy an anti-aircraft missile system from the USA for HUF 74 billion (USD 240 million). Many say that the Hungarian government would like to buy the goodwill of the USA with that deal, but such maneuvres will not be enough if Biden wins.

The presidential nominee already criticised the Orbán-regime, saying that what happens in Hungary is among the world’s worrying developments. Thus, it is not surprising that

PM Orbán announced already in the summer that he supports Trump.


  1. One reason why Roman Republic survived almost 500 years is that power was shared by two people and those two people changed every year.
    If the same person stays in power for over a decade, that means something in the country is wrong and the system is ill.
    Hungarians, in 2022 vote Orban out. Time for a change.

  2. Menendez is a creep. He likes underage Latino girls. He narrowly escaped having his phony job taken away. He is slime and nothing he says is worth listening to.

  3. Why does Hungary need to buy military weapons? It never wins any wars anyway.

  4. The worst thing that could happen to Hungary is to have Biden as president of the US. One of Biden’s financier is Hungarian hater Soros. The democrats’ aim is to lower the standard of living, increase the debt rate on the people because it will result in the globalist control. The next step is to brainwash the children and create chaos in the country. This must never happen.

    Obama put Biden in charge of Ukraine, Russia and China. The result was Biden allowed the globalist to move industry and jobs from the US to China. Biden’s son, in the meantime, collected money from Russia, Ukraine and China to enrich the family.. Why would Hungary accept the word of a corrupt person.

  5. #Maria: you may be using a new nom de plume (funny how you are using women’s names these days) but you are still spouting the same old rubbish. If anyone is brainwashed it is you and the supporters of the populist authoritarians that you so admire and flutter your eyelashes at.

  6. Amazing Revalations of the dirty special Interest!
    Soros hidden agendas are Wordly Dangeress-and Menandez playing Wordly about CentralEuropean Policy Formations impressing little girls!-asholes are not born,they are selfmade!!!ajbCorvinkoz56

  7. ‘Would Hungary accept the word of a corrupt person’? It seems to accpet the words of Orbán and Sziijártó….

  8. If pulling back from the useless U.N., Amnesty International, WTO and the very ineffective WHO are crimes, yay for him. Nations have long complained about the US and what is deemed by many as interference on a global scale so much, that their withdrawal would be welcomed. Damned if the do, damned if they don’t.

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