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The case took place in Budapest’s District 7 after the police got informed that a woman – who was living in a household with her minor child – was taking and selling drugs.

On 27 August, the suspicion was confirmed after the authorities caught two men who left that particular apartment with suspected drugs and psychoactive substances.

During the house search – which was conducted with drug-seeking dogs – cell phones, money, drug suspects, digital scales, and syringes were found and seized by the police.

A woman from Budapest was questioned as a suspect by the police on suspicion of drug trafficking and child endangerment; and her partner, a man from Rétság, was questioned on suspicion of the abuse of a new psychoactive substance.

Both of the perpetrators were detained and arrested.

As Hungarian news portal Origo reports, investigators later also identified the woman from whom the man bought the drug and the new psychoactive substance. She was arrested two days later in District 13 next to her apartment.

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  1. They should also arrest those mothers or fathers that store around with their babies SMOKING A CIGARETTE !!!

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