Budapest, April 29 (MTI) – Police raided and shut down an underground gun workshop in Budapest, the national police said on its website on Friday.

Two suspects, aged 64 and 52, were apprehended in the bust.

The 64-year-old suspect was stopped by police officers in the 14th district on Thursday. A search of his car revealed that he was in possession of an illegal handgun.

Investigators later searched his apartment where they found and seized more illegal guns, explosives and grenades. They also uncovered a large selection of shotgun parts in his basement. An investigation into the man’s background revealed that he dealt with assembling and rebuilding weapons.

Police also seized weapons from the home of a 52-year-old individual suspected of having sold the 64-year-old man the gun that was found in his car.

Police have initiated the preliminary detention of both suspects.



  1. Law abiding citizens in truly free societies are allowed to own weapons. It’s time for Hungary to change its gun laws and bring it into line with other Western countries (Italy, Austria, Germany, etc.)

  2. Hungary should have a second amendment like the US. Declare itself neutral like Switzerland and tell the EU to buzz off.

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