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Photo: Gergely Botár/kormany.hu

A total of fifty migrants travelling in three separate groups were stopped by police in Csongrad County, in southern Hungary, on Wednesday morning, the spokesman of the county police headquarters said.

Six Iraqi border violators were stopped within the Szeged administrative area shortly after midnight, Szilvia Szabó said.

Two hours later, police stopped and checked a car with Serbian licence plates on the M5 motorway.

In addition to the driver, four people were in the car and they declared themselves to be migrants who had entered Hungary illegally.

Proceedings have been started against the driver, Szabó said.

Shortly before 6am, police stopped a group of forty men outside Ásotthalom near highway 55. They said they were Afghan citizens, she added.

The illegal migrants were escorted back to the border fence.

Source: MTI

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