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The ruling alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats has maintained its lead after last month’s local election, with 52 percent of decided voters declaring their support, according to a poll by Nézőpont published on Tuesday.

Support for the liberal opposition Momentum Movement was 13 percent, while the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) stood at 11 percent. The conservative Jobbik party was backed by 9 percent. Meanwhile, 6 percent backed the Socialist-Párbeszéd coalition — below the 10 percent threshold needed to get into parliament on a joint party list — and 3 percent supported the green LMP party.

The non-parliamentary parties, the satirical Two-tailed Dog Party and radical nationalist Mi Hazánk, chalked up 3 percent and 2 percent respectively, below the 5 percent threshold for seats.

In Budapest, Fidesz was backed by 39 percent among decided voters, Nézőpont said.

In the capital, where the joint opposition candidate won the post of mayor, Momentum was supported by 20 percent, DK by 15 percent and Socialists-Párbeszéd by 9 percent.

Outside Budapest, the ruling alliance commanded a greater lead (55 percent) over the opposition which had a combined support of 44 percent.

Nézőpont interviewed 2,300 people in person between October 14 and 27.

Source: mti

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