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Brüsszel, 2018. június 28. A Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda által közreadott képen Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök érkezik az Európai Néppárt csúcstalálkozójára Brüsszelben 2018. június 28-án. MTI Fotó: Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda / Szecsõdi Balázs

The Fidesz ruling alliance with the Christian Democrats continues to ride high in Századvég’s latest survey, while the opposition parties appear to be languishing.

Fully 36 percent of the entire population backed the Fidesz-led alliance while the opposition Socialist-Parbeszed coalition was preferred by 9 percent, according to the poll published on Friday.

The conservative opposition Jobbik party had the support of 8 percent of Századvég’s sample, while the green party LMP and the leftist Democratic Coalition (DK) were each backed by 4 percent. The other parties had 6 percent support between them. The camp of “don’t know” stood at 33 percent.

Among decided voters, Fidesz was backed by 53 percent, while 14 percent preferred the Socialist-Párbeszéd coalition. Fully 13 percent in this category expressed support for Jobbik, while LMP and DK each had 6 percent.

Századvég said the camp of uncertain voters had grown since its last survey and this was connected with upheavals on the opposition side. Support of the ruling parties has remained stable since the elections, it said.

Divisions within the opposition are being amplified by the emergence of a new player on the political market: László Toroczkai’s Mi Hazank (Our Homeland) party, a radical nationalist formation that recently broke away from Jobbik and commands the support of a quarter of the “Jobbik camp”.

Századvég’s phone poll was conducted between July 2 and 6 with a randomly selected sample of 1,000 voting-age adults.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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  1. Hungarians are well taught in their own History. The POLLS show it. No stupid commie bunch is coming back into any kind of power ever again. The extreme right wing NAZI idea is not going to happen, it was retarded from the start. The Left Wing party, oh, lets give everything away to the lazy asses of the world, isn’t going to work or happen here. Which leaves the FIDESZ alliance that works 24/7 with the worlds leading bunch to eek out a place for Hungary, much like BREXIT is trying to do for UK, or the US, Russia, and China. No power mentioned that has balls and with common sense will allow this One World bunch to claim everyone as a slave market for themselves. Just because they set up a conditioned due to fail loan scheme to many of these and more governments and incited many wars at great expense to put them all in debt so that the IMF (ETC) could come back and recall their loans and claim power of government. To be the NEW WORLD ORDER, or EVIL SATAN CULT EMPIRE. Putin, Trump, and Orban are against this empire wannabes, lets hope they succeed before things go bad for everyone, regardless of what a lazy ass libtard is preaching to you.

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