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Daily News Hungary
Budapest, December 18 (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz party would recover its two-thirds majority if the elections were to be held next Sunday, the director-general of pollster Nezopont Institute said on Friday.
Fidesz had a successful year in 2015 considering that its support among all voters is now 34 percent, up from 26 percent at the beginning of the year when “the ruling party had some unpleasant months”, Agoston Samuel Mraz told public news channel M1. Among decided voters Fidesz enjoys 48 percent support, which shows that the party’s popularity is back where it was in April 2014, he added.
Recent polls by Nezopont and also by Median showed that the green opposition LMP would not reach the 5 percent threshold necessary to get into parliament. The Socialists would get under 10 percent and radical nationalist Jobbik would also get 10 percent, down from 20 percent at the time after the party’s candidate won local elections in Tapolca, in south-west Hungary.
In response to a question about the possibility of the Socialists not getting into parliament at the next elections, Mraz said that even though currently “left-wing parties do not demonstrate a powerful character” there is still a group of voters that choose left-wing values and such parties therefore have a support base.

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