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Poll by Századvég – Latest survey of voters: Fidesz, Jobbik, Socialists

Poll by Századvég – Latest survey of voters: Fidesz, Jobbik, Socialists

Budapest (MTI) – The governing alliance of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats maintained a stable lead in the Századvég Foundation’s latest survey of voters, while the Jobbik party’s fortunes waned.

Századvég said in a statement on Friday that the ruling alliance has the support of 32 percent of the entire electorate and that the heated political events of the past few weeks had not had an impact on its popularity.

Support for the Jobbik party has been waning for months, and the party enjoyed the backing of 9 percent of Századvég’s April-May sample. The foundation attributed Jobbik’s weakening to a significant segment of its base rejecting the party’s change in direction towards the moderate centre.

The Socialist Party had the support of 12 percent of the electorate in April-May, according to Századvég, while the Democratic Coalition and LMP each had 4 percent.


The proportion of undecided voters has been rising over the past few months and now stands at 33 percent, according to the poll.

Among decided voters, the Fidesz-led alliance stood at 47 percent while Jobbik notched up 18 percent. The Socialists stood at 19 percent and DK and LMP had 5 percent each.

Századvég carried out its survey of a representative sample of 1,000 voting-age adults between April 26 and May 3.

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