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The head of the Catholic Church does not want to personally meet either the Hungarian Prime Minister or the President of the country.

In addition to some big names in international politics, such as the President of the United States or his Secretary of State, it seems like the head of the biggest Church of the world also disagrees with the leaders of Hungary in some questions.

Biden to attack Hungary’s Orbán cabinet through NATO? 

Pope Francis is set to visit the Eucharistic Congress this September which will be held in Budapest. According to an ecclesiastical newspaper, the National Catholic Register,

the Pope does not have the intention to personally meet the two most important people of the Hungarian state.

No meeting with either Prime Minister Viktor Orbán or the President of Hungary, János Áder, is among his plans. This is causing some diplomatic tensions between the country and the Church.

According to several sources from Hungary and from the Vatican itself, many people are trying to convince Pope Francis to decide otherwise. Their aim is to change his mind and his plans and to make him pay a longer visit to Hungary than just a simple morning on September 12. Which would include, of course, at least a small visit of courtesy to Orbán and Áder, despite the Pope wanting to deliberately avoid it.

According to a source from Budapest, the Vatican’s aim to avoid all political meetings, including the one in the Presidential Palace, is causing more and more tensions behind the scenes.

The Register says that

the new plan includes the Pope going directly to the scene of the world congress on the Heroes’ Square and leaving for Bratislava right after the closing mass.

This is not the first occasion that Pope Francis makes his intentions quite clear about not wanting to meet the two politicians. The first time the idea of his visit arose last year, he already made it clear that he was only wishing to pay a visit to the world congress, but nothing more, writes 444.hu. He even said it himself in March that him coming to Hungary “would not be an official visit but a simple mass”.

The Register says that the whole issue made the Hungarian side especially anything but happy, as

after his short and brief cooperation at the congress, the Pope will spend more than three days in Bratislava.

A Hungarian ecclesiastical source from Budapest told the newspaper that

this would not only be offending to the Hungarians but also a “slap in the face” for PM Orbán. 

“It would be scandalous! It is as if the Pope was to spend half a day in Israel, only to then go and visit Iran and spend 3 days there. It is unacceptable to everyone!”

Both Cardinal Péter Erdő, the head of the Hungarian Catholic Church, and Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén flew to Rome last week to try to coordinate the Pope’s plans. 

Based on the original plan, the Pope’s complete programme should have been made public on May 26, but it did not happen, presumably because of this discussion.

The Register says, and we can all agree with the news site, that there is a political decision behind the Pope’s intention not to meet with Orbán and Áder, including several other members of the Hungarian Catholic Church. The two side’s opinions differ in the question of refugees.

It would not be the first time that the head of the Catholic Church only pays a brief visit to a country; however,

not meeting the head or the leaders of the given country would be something that has never happened before.

Pope Francis Budapest
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Source: 444.hu, National Catholic Register

  1. I am sure Orban is drowning in tears that he won’t be allowed to meet Satan’s spokeman the fake pope. Catholics are great people but their Church has been usurped by an evil man. No one with 2 brain cells left to rub together agrees with the marxist ideas the false pope advocates.

  2. History :
    What position would the following take against Hungary to-day under it’s present Government – Policies and direction into the Future ?
    (1) – Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty.
    (2) – Saint Pope John Paul 11.
    It would be an extremely robust and vibrant discussion.
    They would be wide separated positions – between that the named (2) two -in what they stood for – fought for and spoke – in openness and boldly – in their opinions and position – that would be a “joint” position that OPPOSED the overall direction that the current Government of Hungary is directing it’s Citizens.
    The named (2) two – spoke in their celebrated and respected and revered lives to – ALL – Hungarians – NEVER avoiding nor being AFRAID – to express – what they – FIRMLY – believed was Right for Hungary – its Future.
    Cardinal Peter Erdo – comes from a position that is his character, a “passive” individual, preferring his comfort level that NEVER witnesses him to go “outside the square” and “rock the boat” .
    Cardinal Peter Erdo – does not naturally nor comfortable play a leaders role nor spokesperson – that does subject him to high degrees of criticism, from the faithful followers – his Children – those to whom he is their Spiritual Father, Teacher and Leader – of the Holy Catholic Roman Church of Hungary.
    Hungary 43% of it’s population of 9.6 million is Holy Roman Catholic.
    Cardinal Peter Erdo – the “mix” playing Church against Politics – totally REMOVED from his character – that “dangerously” differs him and for Hungary, the positions taken in their lives – of the named (2) two ;
    (1) -Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty.
    (2) – Saint Pope John Paul 11
    The report that Pope Francis – has no intention meeting with the current Present or Prime Minister of Hungary and “speculation” or “gossip” the reason(s) why – it is IMPORTANT to read the CV or background of Pope Francis and this “lesson in history” could assist understanding why their could be this – SEPARATION / DIVISION – that appears to exist between the Vatican and the Government of Hungary.
    Why did the present Pope chose Francis as his Pontificate name ???
    The migrant movement acceptance immigration position that “rules” in Hungary – globally it is known – Pope Francis – his beliefs and position HE takes on this subject.
    This would possible be just one reason why the Holy Father “intends” his visit in September to Budapest, Hungary in a style that theatrically you could liken to – flying in, hit the ground running, do your thing ASAP and get the hell as quick as you can – out of the place.
    Could be the case NOT forgetting that The President and Prime Minister – the present Cardinal of the Holy Roman Catholic Church in Hungary – ALL known the position Pope Francis takes in his life on Humanity – the right of life – the right of people – exercised through Governments in their Policies that relate to Migration/Immigration.
    Social Inequality – global growth which WE know in Hungary continues to GROW – Pope Francis – remember why he chose Francis as his Pontiff name – not one of his “favorite” subjects and the way globally it is handled.
    Interesting – would not just yet get the Silver wear out of the cabinet at the Castle – for a quick tea or coffee after the – Celebratory Mass at Heroes Square ///.
    History – read the words on a carved stone in Heroes Square of Saint Pope John Paul 11 – what a Blessed MESSAGE and Advice – to Hungary and the World.

  3. Not Mario is correct. We have a communist pope that does not deserve our respect or admiration.

  4. The Catholic Church – led by Pope Francis – should open the Vatican’s doors for accommodation to all migrants.

    There is plenty of room there for literally THOUSANDS of such individuals, illegal or otherwise.

    Vatican City State is internationally recognised as a country so there is more than a degree of hypocrisy involved with the Pope’s fixation about the ‘question of refugees’.

    John 8 : 7 applies equally to Pope Francis as it does to mere mortals.

  5. The pope should be kept out of Hungary. His policies supporting Muslims over Catholics is destructive. Marxist should never be elected as pope.

  6. A globalist SHILL doing the work of his masters. This individual has done more harm to the Catholic church than the Borgias.

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