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Budapest (MTI) – Former ombudsman László Majtényi, whose name has recently been suggested by a civil group as a possible candidate for Hungary’s next president, called that gesture an honour but said that the nomination was up to the National Assembly.

In a statement, Majtényi said that his nomination would “involve a special responsibility” and went on to say that decision makers should only support him if they meant to “restore democracy in which independent institutions ensure constitutional control over public authority as well as fundamental rights”. He added that voters should also be granted “the opportunity to replace the government from time to time”.

The civil call for Majtényi’s nomination was signed by public personalities including former foreign minister Kinga Göncz, sociologist Zsuzsa Ferge, philosopher Ágnes Heller, pastor Gábor Iványi, political scientist László Kéri and economist Maria Zita Petschnig.

The opposition Socialist and Dialogue parties have voiced support for the initiative.

The five-year term of János Áder, the incumbent president, will expire in May.

Source: MTI

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