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Influencers are essential on social media sites and for the advertisement market. They are available on the most popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They usually have thousands of followers and advertise different kinds of products to try out and fancy places for spending our free time.

According to Index, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is Hungary’s number one and most essential influencer. The Prime Minister does not only post pictures and videos about his meetings, conferences, and business trips but also about how and where he likes to spend his free time if he happens to have some.

In 2018, Viktor Orbán posted 312 posts on his Facebook and Instagram platforms. There are five post categories which are not related to his official daily duties. He has 673 thousand followers on Instagram and holds the 26th place on the Hungarian influencers’ rank.


If it is not about duty, then it is migration. Viktor Orbán likes to post pictures and videos about migration where he always emphasises that Hungary will not become a migration country; Brussels is Hungary’s enemy, and Europe is in danger.

This year, the Prime Minister posted 38 posts about migration.

Orbán Viktor, prime minister, border, migration
Photo: www.facebook.com/orbanviktor

Sports and stadiums

Viktor Orbán shared 20 posts about new stadiums, football games, swimming championships, winners and sports meetings.

Orbán Viktor, Prime Minister, sport, Kazan
Photo: www.facebook.com/orbanviktor


The Prime Minister’s favourite topic in 2018 was food. Viktor Orbán visited several Hungarian restaurants where he tasted unique and delicious meals and made them popular. Besides tasting the meals, he also recommended it to everyone who follows him on his social media sites.

He tasted several traditional Hungarian dishes like fish soup, túrógombóc (cottage cheese dumplings), and túrós csusza (cottage cheese pasta). He also tried the traditional sausage and pretzels in Vienna.

He also advertised different kinds of desserts and famous confectionaries in Hungary.

Orbán Viktor, prime minister, Vienna
Photo: www.facebook.com/orbanviktor


The Prime Minister also makes great efforts to make Hungarian traditional and popular culture well-known in the country. Only six culture-related posts were shared on his social media platforms. He posted about Ákos’s (Hungarian pop singer) birthday party and a song from the Hungarian band called Anna and the Barbies. He also posted a picture from a concert at the Hungarian Palace of Arts.

In another picture, he can be seen in front of a painting at the reopening of the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, and his favourite animal allegedly is a baby rhino which was born this year at the Nyíregyháza Zoo.

One time, he also shared a book he read about the dangers of migration.

Orbán Viktor, Prime Minister, Museum, opening
Photo: www.facebook.com/orbanviktor

Featured image: www.facebook.com/orbanviktor

Source: index.hu

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