Debrecen demonstration
Debrecen, 2019. január 5. Kormányellenes tüntetéses Debrecenben a Piac utcában 2019. január 5-én. MTI/Czeglédi Zsolt

Opposition parties and trade unions protested against the amendments to the labour code in Szolnok in central Hungary and Debrecen in eastern Hungary on Saturday.

Addressing the Szolnok demonstration attended by 300 people, Momentum board member Katalin Cseh described 2019 as a year of resistance.

Some 250 people gathering in front of the city hall of Debrecen promised to join the nationwide protests announced for January 19.

The Debrecen event was addressed by representatives of the opposition Socialists, Jobbik, LMP, Momentum parties and trade unions.

The speakers demanded that the “slave law” should be withdrawn and former Debrecen mayor Lajos Kósa should leave public life.

As we wrote yesterday, an anti-government demonstration started on Heroes’ Square in Budapest, with the participants moving through Andrássy Avenue towards the Parliament building. Opposition parties called for further protests, another change of regime and building a new republic, while trade unions announced nationwide demonstrations to be held on January 19 in protest against recent amendments to the labour code. Read more HERE, photos.

Also we wrote, opposition parties and civil groups staged demonstrations to protest against recent changes to the labour code in Pécs (S) and Szombathely (W) on Friday evening, read more HERE.

Source: MTI

  1. I have noticed, studying the photograph here, that a mass majority are old people, most in their pension years. If this is the case, what are they doing protesting on the streets against the Labour Law. This law would never affect their lives, only the lives of people in work or are about to start work. This protest against the labour law does not make a bit of sense anyway. All the new law has done, is to increase the number of hours that workers can, if they want to, work in a year from 250 hours to 400 hours. It also states without question of doubt, that those working overtime will be paid for that overtime every month on top of there normal pay. It does not say it will be paid every 3 years as the opposition are saying. No over time is compulsory, so that no employer will tell the employee to work overtime against their will. I think these demonstrations are a farce and are just making excuses to get at the government. All you people that are demonstrating are a disgrace to your country, and do not acknowledge the wonders that Fidesz has brought to your doorsteps to make a better life for you all. Gyurcsány, himself said he would sooner pay money out of the government’s coffers to migrants than to waste money on the people of Hungary, the children, housing and so on. So it just proves what the opposition parties are like. They are not interested in there country or people, just the power they would achieve if they ever got into government. The power to put taxes up again, to reduce the pensions, to close places of work down and put many out of work, and to put as much money into their pockets as is available. Sounds a bit like the old Socialist government under Gyurcsány and Bajnai.

  2. They are, the protesters i mean. They are the former socialist party members and anyone else ‘in the party’, and their kids now, all protesting how they want to be paid a regular wage for doing nothing but showing up for work! They can’t swallow competition and having to compete for a better product, service, country, Life! The west have done it, only to throw it away with this stupid allowance for illegal migration.
    I have family back in Hungary, some had employment somehow through the socialist elite who got their vehicles serviced up front and fast. In return they gave them tips to live off in the high life. The rest of my family didn’t have this and really had to work. Now the tables turned and the socialites don’t like it. Some are successful entrepreneurs that miss the social system and are angered buy it. The rest have jobs, still with low pay, but snicker at the socialites relations, and know FIDESZ is the only option. FIEDSZ may not be perfect, but put against the others. It’s like suicide vs life with a chance and future(FIDESZ). I’ll keep support them till i see something better, but for now. Noway! Not even going to attempt to follow this misled idotic and poorly eductated bunch of wanabees, the opposition.

  3. Thank you, to the both of you ! – ‘mate pal’ and ‘Vedo’ ! – for exposing the deceitful tactics of false information ‘the left’ is promoting in these ongoing demonstrations , which incidentally appear to someone afar off, as I am; something of a “copy cat” reactionary – follow on – to the Yellow Vest disturbances presently affecting France !
    While systems vary around the world in regard to industrial relations and, given the shortage of labor in Hungary, and as is explained above the system is beyond reproach to this writer !!!

    John H. Morton.

  4. Interesting that LMP and the MSZP seem quite happy to side with Jobbik, who not so long ago had a brownshirt brigade, and yet the government is the devil, and the sourde of all evil?

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