Budapest, January 4 (MTI) – The government’s signature drive to thwart the European Union’s mandatory migrant quotas has been met with unprecedented public support, Gergely Gulyas, deputy chair of ruling Fidesz and head of parliament’s legislative committee, said in an interview on Monday.

In his interview, published by daily Magyar Hirlap, Gulyas said he saw it as a sign of “unprecedented unity” that “every fifth voter has signed an initiative”. He said the Hungarian initiative contributed to the legitimacy of a movement against the quota system and argued that the objection of European voters could not be neglected. He insisted that public opinion in all post-2004 EU member states was against mandatory migrant quotas.

Answering a question whether the government would use the signatures to exert pressure on European decision makers, Gulyas said that “this strong and tangible legitimacy” would contribute to “increasing the government’s room for manoeuvre”.



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