Budapest, April 6 (MTI) – Recent political developments in society and on the Left have given the Hungarian people cause for hope that there is indeed a need for “a freer and fairer Hungary”, the leader of the Socialist Party said on Wednesday.

Referring to the teachers’ movement and the supreme court’s decision to approve a referendum initiative on scrapping the Sunday shopping ban, József Tóbiás told a business conference that his party should offer voters a programme unlike anything that has been offered over the past 25 years. This model must go directly against the ruling Fidesz party’s “pursuit of power”.

The people must believe that the country’s democratic institutions are there to serve their interests and not to rule over them, Tóbiás said.

He said it was telling of the way the government of Viktor Orbán operated that the decision of the top court to enforce the rule of law had come as a surprise.

Tóbiás said that history showed that countries that managed to reduce poverty were those that “opened channels of mobility”, and the development of the schooling system played a key role in this.

The Socialist leader accused Fidesz of “filtering and narrowing” democratic controls in various sectors, and this applied to the education sphere, too.

Tóbiás insisted that the government had managed to put Hungary among low developing countries, thereby embedding social declines.



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