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If you visit Hungary, you may feel at a loss as to which restaurant to try or where to get the most delicious cakes. No need to worry, though, as Volkswagen-Dining Guide is here to help. Their TOP100 Restaurant List helps navigate the restaurant scene in Hungary, so you can try simply the best of the best.

In 2019, Mihályi Patisserie leads the list of the best confectioneries in Hungary – report Turizmusonline. The founder, László Mihályi, is a classic pastry chef who basically brought the French pastry culture to Hungary. He has lots of experiences from working in various countries including Austria, Norway or Shanghai, and studying in Japan and France. His confectionary came in first place last year as well.

With dedication, hard work and implementing his experiences from abroad, László Mihályi now owns the best confectionary in Hungary. His expertise is unique in Hungary, and his confectionary has been thriving for years, without showing signs of slowing down. At Mihályi Patisserie, you cannot go wrong by trying Hungarian classics like Dobos cake or Rákóczi cottage cheese cake, but the high-quality ingredients, the innovative ideas and the French and Italian influences guarantee that everything on the menu is delicious.

The 2019 list published by Vokswagen-Dining Guide’s TOP100 Restaurant Guide

  1. Mihályi Patisserie
  • Auguszt Confectionary (Fény Street)
  • Bergmann Confectionary
  • Cake shop
  • Desszert.neked
  • Édességlabor
  • Gerbeaud
  • Harrer Chocolate Factory and Confectionary
  • Málna The Pastry Shop
  • Százéves cukrászda (Hundred-year-old confectionary)

Even though there is a winner, the other confectioneries on the list are given in alphabetical order, there is no definite ranking. The fact that they made it to the top 10 implies high quality, professionalism and a guaranteed nice experience.

confectionary, guide, hungary
Mihályi Patisserie, Vác

The 2019 list of the best confectioneries in the countryside

  1. Mihályi Patisserie – Vác
  • Apátsági Rege Confectionary – Tihany
  • Bergmann Confectionary – Balatonfüred
  • Damniczki – Székesfehérvár
  • Desszertem – Miskolc
  • Édes Piros Cukrászda (Sweet Red Confectionary) – Siófok
  • Harrer Chocolate Factory and Confectionary – Sopron
  • Kiss Virág Confectionary – Vámospércs
  • Mónisüti – Gyenesdiás
  • Százéves Cukrászda (Hundred-year-old Confectionary) – Gyula

The same applies here as well – only a first prize is given, the rest count as equal parts of the list.

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