Siófok óriáskerék ferris wheel
Ferris Wheel in Siófok, Photo:ófokÓriáskerék

Visit Siófok Grand Beach between the 24th of June and the 21st of August and ride the 70 metres high Ferris wheel in of the 40 cabins that can fit 300 people all together. recommends checking out the beautiful panorama of Lake Balaton from the top of the wheel.

The unique Ferris wheel was presented at the Hannover World Exhibition in 2000 and it’s been going around European cities since then. The giant wheel, which is Hungary’s biggest and Europe’s tallest mobile Ferris wheel, moves to Siófok Grand Beach again this summer from the 24th of June until the 21st of August to dazzle visitors with the breath-taking panorama of Lake Balaton.

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The construction’s unbelievable sizes are demonstrated by the facts that its total weight matches the weight of a Boeing 747, and its height equals two ten-floored block of flats put onto each other. The cables of the Ferris wheel are 2 kilometres long when stretched out, which means that we could easily walk through them to the Tihany peninsula.

While riding the wheel for ten minutes, you can take a look at the Tihany Abbey, the valley bridge, Badacsony, Balaton Uplands, Somogy Hills and the Siófok water tower. The Ferris wheel awaits visitors every day from 3 pm. There is also an accessible cabin among the 40 cabins of the wheel, so that everyone is able to go for a ride. However, it’s probably the most imposing during the night when there are 30 thousand colourful bulbs that light up the enormous construction.

siófok óriáskerék

Just like last year, the Ferris wheel will be easily accessible from the northern coast as well. There are going to be special Siófok Ferris wheel boat rides – in cooperation with Balaton Nautical Inc. – from Balatonfüred and Balatonalmádi for those who want to be delighted by the breath-taking view.


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