According to, Razvan Barleanu, President of the Romanian Football Federation thinks a draw would be a good result at the European Championship qualifier in Budapest in September.

Burleanu said in the interview published in the Transylvanian Hungarian newspaper Kronika: the association’s management fixed in the plan two months ago that Romania wants to get into the 2016 European Championship from the first place of the group.

Thanks to the draw in Northern Ireland a month ago, the Romanian national team managed to keep its first place, and the association hopes it wouldn’t be lost even after the match in Budapest in September.

“I would specially appreciate, if Romania – as I mentioned – would get to France as a group leader, and Hungary from the second place, without extra preliminary round” – the President of the association said, and he also stated that both teams would do well at next year’s tournament.

The two teams will play the – in terms of the qualification of the Hungarian team – crucial match in Budapest, on September 4. Last October, the Budapest clash ended with a 1-1 draw.

The Hungarian team is the third with 11 points in the group. The Romanians lead (14 points), behind them the Northern Irish are the second (13 points).

The Hungarians, 3 days after the match with the Romanians, will play with the Northern Irish in Belfast.

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