Budapest, September 28 (MTI) – Lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats alliance submitted a draft resolution to parliament on Monday proposing to declare November 15 as “Hungarian Diaspora Day”.

The document notes that the rate of decline in the Hungarian population is highest in the diaspora communities, and says that these communities are in need of government support to halt that trend. Hungarian Diaspora Day would raise awareness for the support these communities need, the draft resolution says.

The document also notes that on December 5, 2014, the forum representing lawmakers from the Carpathian Basin (KMKF) proposed that the Hungarian parliament declare the date as Hungarian Diaspora Day, as November 15 marks the birthday of Gábor Bethlen, “the greatest prince of Transylvania during its golden age”.

Gábor Bethlen was a Protestant uncrowned king of Hungary from 1620 to 1621 and Prince of Transylvania from 1613 to 1629. He led an insurrection against the Habsburgs of Royal Hungary during the Thirty Years’ War. As Prince of Transylvania, he founded Bethlen Gábor College and encouraged the enrolment of Hungarian academics and teachers. He granted serfs’ children the right to education.


  1. The government should be giving incentives to young couples. Hungary’s population should be 15 million by now. It is in Hungary’s best interest to reverse the trend of low birthrates and having a younger population reduces the poorly thought out plan of replacing a small population with increased immigration.

  2. @Edward,
    Agreed! Without the young hungarian speaking youth population increase, the government will cease.. German, Austrian, and the surrounding regions do not share our achievements, prides, misjudgements, to be who we are. To keep the culture, what we learned, what we can enhance and correct in the future, we need our young educated population to grow beyond the 2.5 growth rate. It is easily achievable and can be implemented if the current ruling parties can comprehend it. Don’t miss out, parties unite on this!!

  3. My grandparents were born in the kingdom of Hungary and lost citizenship in the time of Trianon. I’m proud of PM Orban and simplified naturalization as I can contribute to society and monetary to help Hungary. Magyar a ver! <3

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