reports that the Irish low-cost airline introduces a direct flight to Santander, Spain from April 2018. There will be two flights weekly from the Budapest airport to the Eastern Spanish city, with the tickets available from this month.

Santander’s population is 180,000 and it is the holiday resort of the Vizcaya Gulf, and also the capital city of Cantabria. The port city’s downtown was completely rebuilt after a fire laid waste to it in 1941. We suggest taking a walk on its promenade girdled with palm trees or trying out a few of the excellent beaches there. If you’re interested in culture, then visit the Museo de Bellas Artes, where pictures of Goya, Zurbarán, and Mengs are on display, along with those of local artists’. A very rare whale skeleton and over 350 local fish are found at the Cantabrian Maritime Museum.

The most popular beach is the romantic and sandy El Sardinero, where the Gran Casino is located. Another one that should be visited is the Magdalena peninsula, where the sand shines like gold. If you’re at the peninsula, make sure to visit the palace, the lighthouse, and the zoo. If you’re looking for a calm and peaceful experience, then head to the Puerto Chico beaches, which are never crowded with people.

If you’re done exploring the city’s sights and restaurants, then you can even head to Santillana del Mar, which is a 40 minutes bus ride from Santander. This small city will take you back to the middle ages, and even further back in time: just a few kilometres away, there is the Altamira cave, in which you will find ancient cave drawings. You can learn about this already at the Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology of Cantabria at Santander.

The Guggenheim Museum

Buses take off every 30 minutes to Bilbao, which is a bit further than Santillana del Mar, but the sights are absolutely worth it. This busy metropolis is the home of an ultra modern Guggenheim museum, and its Old Town will swipe you off of your knees. Overall, if you’re interested in exploring the cities or the sights nearby, then it’s best if you rent a car.

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