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A shocking event took place in Miskolc, at a hockey match of the DVTK Polar Bears where they played against the team called HKM Zvole on a Friday night. A group of Slovakian fans returned to the bleachers wearing masks just before the third third began. According to, they attacked security guards first, then charged the family sector of the audience, not sparing neither women nor children.

The attackers were supporters of the Slovakian team and attacked Hungarian fans. They had no mercy for children or women, either, while an elderly man was kicked repeatedly after they sent him to the ground.

An official statement reveals that the two clubs discussed the number of supporters who would come to the game. The Slovakian fans seemed to disregard this agreement and brought supporters of other teams as well, Ultras fans and hooligans. This leads people to believe that the attack was premeditated.

After the incident, the DVTK Polar Bears team stated on Facebook:

“Unfortunately, ice hockey was overshadowed by the behaviour of some visiting fans. Frightened faces, crying children… THANKS BUT NO THANKS!” 

Witnesses added that a group of “Slovakian fans attacked the security guards at the metal cordons, then fought the Hungarian fans. That is all I saw but nothing about why they attacked…”, while another source revealed that “we were shocked because being an ice hockey fan is not about that, which is one of the reasons I grew to love it. To see that people were sent to the ground and then repeatedly kicked…”

Both Slovakian and Upper Hungarian fans condemned what has happened. “Friends, I think I have mentioned that I am from Bratislava.

Please do not think that everybody is like that. Let us not confuse nationalist matters with hockey.

I still remember all the circus that took place when Slovan played against Zólyom. This will not be repeated against the other teams. Just watch out when they play the Besztercebánya team. What had happened in Miskolc will become nothing compared to that. Two years ago, fans of the Zólyom team were banned from Zsolna. There have always been primitive idiots…”

You can watch a short video about the incident:

Some of the Ultras also spoke out after the incident. They claim that, although that is not an excuse, Hungarians provoked the Ultras and it was impossible to stop the riled-up leaders of the attack. A Slovakian fan’s reaction to this was that “I am Slovakian. There may have been some provocation coming from the Hungarian side but that is not an excuse, just like Ultras say themselves in the post. This is simply not a part of hockey. Neither Slovakians nor regular HKM Zvole fans (who do not consider themselves part of the Ultras Zvolen group) support the Ultras formation.

The polar bears’ team also released a statement condemning what had happened. They wrote that “Violence cannot win instead of peaceful ice hockey support”, so the family sector will be open again during Sunday’s game.

However, their advice for fans, saying maybe they should miss the next Slovakian game, was not received very well.

One comment online says:

“Make sure your fans are not in danger! Whoever heard of such a thing that the team urges their fans simply not to go to a game?”

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