Prostitution Hungary police3

Her relatives sold the 13-year-old girl into prostitution. The Hungarian police already caught three men and one woman related to the issue. Sadly, this is not the first time that something like this happens in Hungary. Further details below!

According to, police accuses the four people they caught on Wednesday of human trafficking, sexual abuse and child prostitution. Police officers learned in February that in Furta, Eastern-Hungary, two men abused a 13-year-old girl sexually.

Following the reconnaissance of the issue, they interrogated two residents of the nearby town, Berettyóújfalu. Police officers charge them with sexual abuse and child prostitution.

Prostitution Hungary police3

It came to light during the process that two relatives of the girl, a 41-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man, got money from the two victims in return for sex with the victim.

The officers caught the woman and the man on Tuesday morning with the help of their colleagues from Debrecen and Zsáka.

Prostitution Hungary police3

The police already asked for the pre-trial detention, and the police department started an investigation in their case with reasonable suspicion of human trafficking.

This is not the first time that somebody sold a girl into prostitution. We reported HERE that a man lured two young girls, one of them underage, to Győr where he sold them for €1,135 to a woman and her partner. The girls were told they would have to care for an elderly lady, cook and clean for her. They realised they had been sold to a couple, and wanted to get away from them, as

they forced them into sex work.

The couple threatened to sell them to someone in Budapest if they tried to leave, and said they would have a much harder time there. The woman took erotic pictures of the girls, which were then uploaded by her partner to the internet. They not only uploaded pictures but also clarified what kind of sexual services the girls provided and advertised them on certain sites. They took the money the girls received from the clients.

The girls were held captive in the house they were forced to work from, the door was always locked, and they never got a key. Finally, they managed to escape when another sex worker, who came to the house, left the key in the lock. The sex trafficking group could face up to

twenty years in prison.


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