Balaton fight

We could say that the general situation caused by the virus and the lockdown is making people less patient and even drives them crazy; however, this particular incident happened way before strict restrictions were introduced in Hungary.

Last summer, in August, a group of young men having a bachelor party had quite a serious incident with some security guards. So much so that one of them received a headbutt, while a friend of his was pushed so hard that he fell to the ground and suffered a concussion.

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The incident happened at Lake Balaton, in Siófok, also known as the party capital of Hungary. According to the statement of the Attorney General of Somogy County issued on Thursday, the group having a stag party at a disco last summer on Petőfi Boulevard, one of the most famous party streets of the city, had a misunderstanding with another group. Three security guards, aged 54, 25, and 21, rather than avoiding further problems and atrocities, decided to take another approach.

They grabbed members of the group by their neck, using a so-called “choking grip”,

and led them towards the cordon bordering the party area of the boulevard, while the oldest guard hit one of the men several times.
After a member of the group raised his voice against the aggressive reaction of the security guards,

he was pushed so hard that he fell to the ground, only to be headbutted shortly after by one of the guards.

When his friends arrived at the scene to help, the youngest security guard pushed the whole crowd, causing a grapple among all members, which resulted in one of the guards punching and pushing a member of the bachelor party so hard that

he practically knocked the poor guy out, as he fell on the ground and lost consciousness.

The atrocity was stopped by the local police, who detained and drove the security guards to the Police Office of Siófok to question them, while an ambulance was called for the injured man by his friends. He suffered head trauma and a concussion, with an estimated healing time of fewer than 8 days, reports

The prosecutor‘s office of the settlement of Siófok pressed charges against the three security guards for an affray committed in a public place. In his indictment, the prosecutor calls for a suspended prison sentence for the two, younger offenders, while their oldest accomplice will possibly end up behind bars, due to his previous criminal record.

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