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Szihalom, 2018. június 9. Résztvevõk a szihalmi hagyományõrzõ parasztlakodalmon 2018. június 9-én. MTI Fotó: Komka Péter

Every nation has a set of stereotypes that are an integral part of how it is viewed by other countries. has collected seven of these to show how were are (mis)perceived by the rest of the world.

1. Hungarians are resourceful

This stereotype is based on the belief that Hungarians always manage to find the “loopholes” (kiskapu) for avoiding certain problems. This loophole tends not to comply with official rules. Indeed, Hungarians have had to endure many decades (or, in the case of the Turks, centuries) of oppression which made them particularly apt at finding inventive solutions to make the most of their circumstances.

2. Hungarians eat vast amounts of paprika and fat

It is not hard to get at the root of this preconception – Hungarian cuisine is indeed full of fatty, spicy food with paprika, and a lot of restaurants targeting tourists tend to reinforce this idea. But today, modern Hungarian cuisine is characterised by a much wider and more health-conscious range of foods.

3. Hungarians are always cold

Some foreigners have observed that the heating in our homes and workplaces is usually kept at a higher temperature than in the United States. Some have also said that we tend to complain more about the cold than the heat. But a quick look at social media will quickly debunk this theory – no matter what the weather is like, someone will be complaining about it.

4. Every Hungarian owns a horse

It was probably a bunch of visitors in the 19th-century who started this stereotype. Although Hungary was indeed a horse-keeping nation for a long time, it is obviously no longer the case. Regardless, you can see more horses in the countryside than in other countries.

5. Hungarian men all have a moustache


This misconception can also be attributed to the fashion journals of the beginning of the 20th century. Moustaches are no longer as fashionable as in those days, or at least in different forms.

6. Hungarians always complain

Although Hungary is certainly characterised by a certain pessimism and a cynical worldview, this generalisation may be a bit of an overstatement. The characteristically dry Hungarian sense of humour certainly makes this pessimism more tolerable and entertaining.

Ask a Hungarian “how are you?”, and while this question is often merely a nicety in English-speaking cultures, a Hungarian will be quick to share with you her most recent grievances.

7. Hungarians argue a lot

Hungarians are a proud and passionate people who stick to their opinion and will defend their position in any situation where they are personally involved.

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  1. From the ‘The Little Black Book of European Stereotypes’ : Hungarians are the only people who enter a revolving door at the same moment as you and come out ahead.
    If you would like to find out about other European stereotypes check out my lovely little book.

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