The coronavirus has probably turned everyone’s life upside down. Many people either cancelled their holidays, chose different destinations, stayed for less time, or chose to stay at home altogether. Unfortunately, this summer will never be what it was before, but no worries. A new trend seems to be emerging, and it is called ‘staycation’. More people chose to stay in their own country or city and discover the beauty of their homeland. This article will give you some ideas about what you can do in Budapest.

Thanks to Travelo, if you live in Budapest or only want a short trip to Hungary’s capital either from abroad or from other parts of the country, you are sure to find something that you might like. Although some forms of restrictions are still in place, generally, COVID-19-related restrictions have been relaxed a little bit in many countries. Here is what you will need to know about the restrictions concerning Hungary. Now that you have familiarised yourself with what you must and must not do and how to be safe, let us move on to the recreational activities you can do.

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Margaret Island, Photo: YouTube John Feher –

Take a walk

After this long and unexpected quarantine, probably everyone longed for some company or at least some fresh air and cultural experiences. Well, as the quarantine ended, people started to arrange more and more outdoor programs. One of the easiest programs while enjoying the summer sunshine is to simply take a walk in the city. There are actually a couple of places you can go; one of the most obvious but still perfect options is Margaret Island. It is a welcoming little piece of nature in the middle of the Danube with a track for runners and even some ruins from ages past. Going with the green environment theme, you can also visit the popular Városliget in the heart of the city. The little oasis is good for walking as there are several memorials there, but dog owners also like the places with large open grassy areas. Not to mention the fact that the Budapest Zoo is just a few steps away from Városliget, but if you would prefer some more culture, you can visit the Fine Art Museum. Currently, it is housing an exhibition called ‘The age of Duerer’.

A good program would also be to visit one of Hungary’s most beautiful graveyards, the Fiumei Road Cemetery. There is also an app you can download that helps you plan your trip and can tell you some information about the plethora of beautiful memorials there. For those who want to admire the view, a new lookout just recently opened in Budapest. If walking is too slow for you and you would like to turn up the pace a little, you can go around Budapest using the ‘MOL Bubi’ system to rent a bike and travel across the city with the help of this map of all the cycling roads in Budapest.

Kultik terasz, cinema, Budapest, Hungary

Watch a movie

There was maybe one thing that was good following this quarantine; more and more people started to use their creative sides, and many people have come up with solutions to keep themselves and others entertained while being safe. Take, for example, the cinema industry. Unfortunately, all regular cinemas had to close, and this has led to the reappearance of car cinemas featured in many older American movies. In the past two or three years, this would have been a strange thought, but now it seems like it is a good idea. Not only that, but other outdoor cinemas started to pop up in Budapest as well. This new trend of garden cinemas might be the perfect choice for a romantic evening. You could also watch a movie on top of a building if you wanted to.

To turn the rooftop idea up to 11, you have the newly opened sky bar at Mariott, but if that was not enough and you would like to be more adventurous and try out crazy new things, well, Cortile Hotel is for you. There is a swimming pool on top of the hotel from which you could watch the sunset with your significant other.

Do not worry, however, if you want a normal cinema experience because, in Hungary, most if not all cinemas reopened a few weeks back. They introduced several measures to ensure your safety, such as hand sanitisers, and they sell fewer tickets to avoid large crowds. There are also many strange exhibitions around Hungary, many of which you will find in Budapest. They might be worth taking a look at.

Gelarto Rosa ice cream

Have some snacks

Well, Hungary is famous for many things, but almost anyone knows we like food. Hungarian cuisine is world-famous, but if you do not like it, do not worry, it is certain you might find some restaurant or buffet in Budapest that satisfies your needs. You could follow where the famous gastro-blogger, Mark Wiens, ate in Budapest and even try out the same dishes if you want to. If you want something lighter, something sweet, or a warm drink to start your day, I would recommend going to one of Budapest’s many classic coffee houses. The atmosphere is very welcoming, and it is the perfect place to have a little chat with your friends over a warm cup of coffee. Talking about something sweet, a new confectionery recently opened in Budapest that makes crazy cakes. They look amazing, and I am certain that they taste just as good. For those who want to have some cold delicacies during the summer, here are the best ice cream places in Budapest.

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Take a plunge into the water

Last but not least, Budapest is famous for its many baths. Unfortunately, they all had to close for some time during the first wave of the epidemic, but with some restrictions, they were able to reopen and await guests once again. Your experience might even be better now that there are no big crowds; only a couple of people are allowed to be in the area of the baths. You can see which baths are open and how much they cost.

Source:, DailyNews Hungary

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