According to, “pig run” is not an age-old Hungarian tradition, but a Facebook event spreading rapidly.

Imre, the main organizer ran a pig-shaped lap alone in January, 2015. Now he also wants companions in the New Year. Thus the idea of the “pig run” was born.

The 4,5 km-long jogging will start in front of the Erzsebet Square fountain at 9:30 am on January 2, 2016. According to Imre, the tempo can be kept up with with a hangover as well: an average of 6:45 min/km. He also draws attention to the fact that everybody has to arrive on time, because they cannot wait for anybody due to the cold weather.

“As the only one who knows the route is me, the slow pace is guaranteed” – the event organizer wrote. If you would like to participate in the special New Year running, feel free to bring  GPS tracker, watch, smart phone  or MP3 player.

It is important that the run will take place in public places so you have to keep the regulations of the Highway Code. To avoid accidents, the main organizer published a few lines about the rules, wrote.

Photo: Ujevi malacos futas 2016 Facebook event

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