Tuesday evening, a Hungarian-Chinese meeting took place, where the Chinese consuls, leaders of Shanghai and the Hungarian Tourism Agency (HTA) talked about their plans to cooperate on a Shanghai-Budapest flight and establishing a Chinese university in Hungary, reports

Emese Boros, the foreign affairs and foreign economic advisor of HTA, reminded the attendants that Hungary is the first European country to sign an intergovernmental agreement on cooperation, under the words “One belt, one way”. Establishing an infrastructural relationship between the two continents could boost investments, along with trade and touristic relations.

The number of Chinese tourists coming to Hungary is growing year-by-year. In 2016, the number of visitors increased by 40 percent and the number of nights spent in Hungarian hotels increased by 50 percent, compared to 2015. This growth is thanks to the May 2015 establishment of a Budapest-Beijing line. Opening a Shanghai-Budapest line would increase further the touristic prospects of the countries.

The Chinese representatives – Wang Xinyi, the Chinese consulate’s appointee, responsible for culture, and Shao Zhuquing, the manager of Shanghai Center – both further emphasised the importance of collaboration between the two countries. It was proposed that, after the establishment of Chinese primary and secondary schools in Budapest, it’s time to open a Chinese University, as well.

It was a Hungarian architect, László Hugyecz, who designed the most iconic buildings in Shanghai: the past era’s most modern and advanced skyscrapers and hospitals. Hugyecz is considered to be the greatest architect in the Far-East.

People travelling from Hungary have more and more access to the Asian continent, as Wizz Air launched a flight to the Middle East, to Astana, at the beginning of June. But if you’re interested in other destinations, and you’re looking for a cheap trip, then you should check out this list containing the low-cost flights from Budapest.

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