Did you know that the world’s shortest settlement name consists of one letter? It is “Y”, found in the North French Picardy. Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu felt inspired by the village and looked up the shortest Hungarian town names.

Even though there isn’t any village name that only consists of one letter in Hungary, there are six settlements with names made up of two letters. Then come the three-letter names, which are much easier to list and it’s quite probable that you’ve been to some.

Ág, Bő, Őr and Sé

It’s incredible, but the names of these four villages actually only have two letters. Bő (Baggy) and Sé are found in Vas County a few kilometres away from Szombathely. Őr (Guard) lies in the Nyírség, half an hour drive from Nyíregyháza. Lastly, Ág (Branch) is found in Baranya County and has less than 200 residents.

Sé – Photo: By Darinko

Öcs and Ács

Officially the names of these two settlements also have two letters if we don’t take the double consonants into consideration. Öcs (Younger Brother) lies at the southwestern feet of the Kab Hill, 14 kilometres from Ajka. Its lake and hornbeam-oak woods are beloved excursion destinations.

Moreover, it is an exciting spot for botanical experts due to the rare species.

Ács (Wright) is the biggest village in Komárom-Esztergom County with its 103.83 km2 territory. It lies in the north-eastern loessal-sandy rimland of the Kisalföld, 3 kilometres away from the Danube and 8 kilometres away from Komárom.


Áj is the odd-man-out, because even though the name is made up of only two letters, it is not found in Hungary, but Slovakia. However, 85% of its residents are Hungarians.

Áj – Photo: Wiki Commons By Rauenstein

Érd, Ózd, Vác

These are the most populous three-letter Hungarian cities. They sound familiar, don’t they?

Érd is a real “sleeping city”. Its residents mostly work in Budapest or other big cities in the region. Its territory is huge considering that the almost 65 thousand residents all live in detached houses.

The life of Ózd has always been in a close relationship with metallurgy, which is attested by several ruins, industrial monuments and geographic names.

Even though most people associate Ózd with the socialist industrial development, the beginning of metallurgy and siderurgy can be traced back to the 11th century.

Vác is one of the oldest cities in the vicinity of Budapest since it was already dwelled in the Avar era. It’s a curiosity that the most diversified, connected medieval cellar system lies under the city centre of Vác. Several museums were built on this facility.

Vác – Photo: Wiki Commons By Kossuthzsuzsa

Ukk, Kup, Rém and Rum

Undoubtedly, these are the funniest three-letter Hungarian town names. Just image how funny it would sound if you said “I got drunk in Rum”.

And would you spend a Halloween night in Rém (Phantom)? 😉

If you’re wondering, here’s the list of three-letter Hungarian settlement names: Aba, Ács, Aka, Apc, Áta, Bag, Baj, Bak, Bár, Béb, Bér, Buj, Bük, Cák, Cún, Dad, Dág, Dég, Dóc, Dör, Écs, Érd, Erk, Ete, Fáj, Fót, Gic, Gór, Göd, Hét, Ilk, Ják, Kál, Kám, Kék, Kup, Lad, Lak, Léh, Mád, Mór, Nak, Old, Ózd, Öcs, Ősi, Pap, Pat, Pér, Rád, Rém, Rum, Sáp, Som, Súr, Tab, Tác, Táp, Tar, Tát, Tés, Tét, Tök, Ukk, Und, Úny, Ura, Úri, Vác, Vág, Vál, Vát, Vép, Vid, Zók.

Featured image: Öcs – Photo: Wiki Commons By Visy Ferenc

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